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live so as to annul some previous behavior


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How do we come to terms with the inventory of numbers and the certain economic brutalities that introduce blackness--the mathematics of the unliving, the certification of unfreedom--and give shape to how we now live our lives?
While Paracelsus (whose wanderings did include interactions with Eurasian shamans) (4) does have a basic sympathy with this view, it is in contrast with the worldview prevailing among followers of Newton that the earth is unliving, mechanical and rigidly mathematically determinable.
In Robert Southwell's meditation on Mary Magdalen, "Mary's experience at the empty tomb" (141) serves, Gary Kuchar argues, as an emblem of the recusant community, "her heart the cophin of an unliving soul" (145).
It reveals how a war was waged between humans and Earth's fantastical creatures, a truce only declared after elf-king Balor was horri-Ted at the destruction wrought by his unliving army.
Written with scholarly rigor, Gospel of the Living Dead inspects how Romero uses Christian imagery from the Bible and Dante in the macabre examination of the dark sides of human nature--both living and unliving.
It brings with it the cadences of a life lived by the unliving, the emergence and dynamism of a poetic image appearing all at once before the mind's eye.
19) The preobjective world that simply "worlds" and has to be protected from the reifying and unliving tendencies of Dingerfahrung and scientific theory in KNS 1919 will be divided into Umwelt, Mitwelt, and Selbstwelt, each examined in relative isolation, in WS 1919/20, and the moment of significance inherent in it subjected to more exacting phenomenological analysis.
In contrast to Southern poetry's patriarchal lineage, here generational memory--or, more significantly, generational loss--is transmitted through a maternal chain, one defined, in crushingly emotive terms, by absence, by the children who will remain forever unborn, a sign of unliving history that nevertheless crowds in on the present.
unliving children, vexed and vexatious, Soyinka and Morrison depict and erase notions of boundaries.
Lawrence's own art reflects a Heraclitean philosophy of change and movement: "Each thing, living or unliving, streams in its own odd, intertwining flux.
In Goethe's poem, the idea of the delay before rest and death that signals both labor and life and the idea of the wish that can go in two directions come together, in a way that, like these classical predecessors, is inextricably tied to the nature of the lyric artifact in its dual temporality, at once "alive" and unliving, at once forward-moving and still.
Stephen argues, "And as the mole on my right breast is where it was when I was born, though all my body has been woven of new stuff time after time, so through the ghost of the unquiet father the image of the unliving so comes forth" (192).
For this is the glorification of the human being as means, that which powers the unliving metal.
His incidental details are rich and luminous, none unliving, from the glistening white tablecloth drop ping "its heavy pointed lace covers almost to the carpet," to the rain and the wind blowing in upon the horses in the stable, to the sweet roots crushed by the turnip pulper, to the "flattened grey head of the cat.