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Synonyms for unliveable

unfit or unsuitable to live in or with


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Another orphanage, AlMehmood Children's Home in Parimpora in Srinagar housed about 50 orphans hit by the floods, has also been rendered unliveable by the floodwaters.
The build-up to the October 3-14 Games have been mired in controversy with the collapse of a footbridge, the shooting of two tourists and reports of filthy and unliveable conditions in the athletes' village.
Then innocent people will find their lives unliveable.
Recent scientific and technological advances have created new types of diseases and supergerms that threaten us and make the world increasingly toxic and unliveable.
An old-established resident, Erick Jacobson, complained that the addition would cast a shadow over his home that would make the place unliveable.
They had been held in the houses of a village, he said: "They were a bit decrepit, but in effect it was uncomfortable, but not unliveable.
An inspector from the council came to check out the house and he deemed it unliveable so the landlord was told to fix it up.
Under one UN report there is the prediction that essentially, in what they say, it would become an unliveable place, they mean that it risks becoming unfit for human habitation.
Get it wrong and you either have an unliveable, echoing space with columns in all the wrong places or a soulless box.
It is the sort of thing which is making this country unliveable.
Mr Field said: 'There were two families that destroyed that whole area and made it unliveable in, and now it is going to cost pounds 4m to knock these houses down.
He made Alva unliveable and made life a misery for the people living here.
However later he condemned his tax fraud conviction as ''unreal'and said it was the result of ''politicised'' judges who have made Italy unliveable and no longer a democracy.
Kidman claims Sydney has become unliveable because of the attention of photographers who shadow her every move.