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Synonyms for unlivable

unfit or unsuitable to live in or with

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The combination of waiting, uncertainty, overcrowding and unlivable conditions has created what appears to be an intentional epidemic of despair, meant to dissuade refugees from seeing Europe as a haven.
For decades, scientists have been warning that this planet may be increasingly unlivable by the end of this century.
Dystopian stories about how Earth's environment will be unlivable in the future are plentiful.
He has warned before that Iran may be unlivable in decades if water consumption is not controlled swiftly.
In this book, Fennell investigates how this experiment has attempted to create both mixed race and income neighborhoods in lieu of the larger housing projects that had become unlivable due to both structural and societal decay in the aftermath of welfare reform.
Aisling said: "It hasn't been estimated [yet], but the whole downstairs is completely unlivable.
The social, health and security-related ramifications of the high-population density and overcrowding are among the factors that may render Gaza unlivable by 2020," UN officials said in their report.
Despite the ongoing construction that has made the area unlivable, the AE-cyoy-lu family is rebuffing offers to purchase their home at TL 250 per square meter, claiming that nearby villagers received TL 450-600 per square meter and that they would have accepted such a figure.
This is not criminalising all dog owners, it's adopting a proactive policy to respond to those who leave areas unlivable due to their selfish actions.
Outside poverty persists, people are homeless, out of work, on unlivable wages, zero hours, NHS under funded, care homes a disgrace, fuel poverty.
They will without question become unlivable hovels.
Otherwise, the existing cities would soon become unlivable," he added.
Insurance adjusters will be trying to reach policyholders and providing them with additional living expense checks if their homes have been destroyed or unlivable," says Hanna.
The ravages of time has rendered many residential buildings unlivable in Abu Dhabi but they continue to stick out like sore thumbs in a fast-developing city.
The residents said it is causing them a lot of hardship and has turned the whole area into an unlivable place.