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Synonyms for unlikely

Synonyms for unlikely

Synonyms for unlikely

not likely to be true or to occur or to have occurred


has little chance of being the case or coming about


having a probability too low to inspire belief

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Physicians make health care predictions for 2017 Very Somewhat Somewhat Very Likely likely unlikely unlikely Quality will improve 18% 22% 21% 39% Costs will improve 17% 14% 17% 53% Access will improve 12% 19% 20% 49% Note: Based on data from a "mobile microsurvey" completed by 150 physicians on Dec.
Long said that in the unlikely event that the Fed does raise rates, the increase would likely be 25 basis points.
Head of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Dame Lin Homer has been accused of allowing British based global financial services provider HSBC to "get away scot free" after she said it was unlikely to pursue allegations that the Swiss arm of the bank helped wealthy clients to dodge tax.
Jamie Murray was listed alongside Dominic Inglot when the draw was made for the World Group first-round tie against the US and Andy says the team is unlikely to change ahead of tomorrow's doubles action.
I think they are hebes and since they are not even in flower, it seems unlikely they could have any pollen.
The better news for Walcott was that the FA indicated yesterday he is unlikely to face any action for his gesture to Tottenham fans while being stretchered off at the Emirates.
Global Banking News-December 11, 2013--Barclays says Philippine central bank unlikely to change interest rates
The Fraser Institute's controversial proposal to open up Canada's wireless market by eliminating limits on foreign ownership will add a spark to the debate about competition in the sector but is unlikely to be put into practice, telecommunications analysts say.
Unless you get promoted, or find a new job, you're unlikely to be better off.
Summary: A Belgian tour guide is making an unlikely living - walking visitors around "Europe's ugliest city".
She has been part of our lives ever since - and the biggest and most unlikely success story of our time.
Greece: [check] Certain Ireland: [check] Certain Portugal: [check] Certain Spain: [check] Unlikely Major industrial countries losing their top rating?
Gerald Hedburg the Christmas Buffalo" is an irrepressibly funny book, further heightened in its impact by the black and white illustrations of unlikely characters in unlikely settings wearing unlikely accessories.
Government-owned conglomerate Dubai World is unlikely to pay off Nakheel's $980 million Islamic bond maturing on May 13 this year, reports Reuters.
Barrie Draper, who trains the strong-running Sheffield trackrecord holder tracker for Anthony Rhodes, said yesterday: "I'd like to warn punters that Thurlesbeg Joker is unlikely to run at Wimbledon.