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made without leavening



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But, it is intellect unleavened by reason, and untempered by humanism.
The General Instruction of the Roman Missal is clear about the bread: recently baked, made only from wheat and water, and unleavened.
Passover marks the journey of slaves from Egypt, and because these slaves were only given unleavened bread, known as "matzah" in Hebrew, it is a show of gratefulness and respect to rid homes of leavened bread before the holiday.
First, she joined 24 other volunteers on a crash course in making unleavened bread.
It may be light or dark, crumbly-moist to sticky-wet, spongy to heavy, leavened or unleavened, shaped round, square or oblong as whole cakes, fairy cakes, or petit fours, with marzipan, icing, glazing, dusting with icing sugar, or plain.
At a festive dinner called a Seder, unleavened bread is consumed during the seven-day holiday to re-live the hasty flight from Egypt, during which there was no time to allow the bread to rise.
About three dozen people sat down in a room at the synagogue to break unleavened matzah, sample bitter herbs and drink four cups of wine (OK, the wine was grape juice in tiny plastic glasses and the bitter herbs were actually lettuce leaves, but the symbolism was straightforward enough) at an ancient ritual that commemorates the liberation of the Jews from slavery in Egypt.
He worked on Effect of calcium fortification on the overall quality of whole wheat flour leavened and unleavened bread.
Parties that issue black and white manifestos unleavened by the opinions of smaller political groups are seriously out of touch.
Serve straight away with a light side salad and injera, naan or another flat, unleavened bread.
It was the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread which followed Passover and was designated a special Sabbath (Lev 23:6,7).
That has pushed global wheat prices to a two-year high and has particularly affected Middle Eastern countries that depend on Russian wheat to satisfy their large demand for unleavened bread.
She eventually settled in a convent on Osborne Road, in Jesmond, Newcastle, where she took charge of cooking the altar bread, reportedly baking over 18,000 unleavened wafers in her time there.
Throughout India, Jamaica and several Middle Eastern and African nations, flat-top grilling is the preferred cooking method for countless unleavened bread recipes.