unleaded petrol

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gasoline that has not been treated with a lead compound

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7p for a litre of unleaded petrol last Thursday while diesel went as low as 107.
Fuel in Wrexham was also slightly cheaper than in other parts of Wales such as Swansea and Cardiff where a litre of unleaded petrol would set you back 107.
The AA said a typical 50-litre tank of unleaded petrol now costs about PS2.
The ministry said alternatives will be put in place for a small number of vehicles that cannot use unleaded petrol.
The latest increases, following a period of continuous price hikes over the summer, have taken the price of unleaded petrol to around e1/41.
At the Shell station on Kirkintilloch Road, Bishopbriggs, supplies were also running low at noon yesterday, with no unleaded petrol left.
In North Wales, unleaded petrol was still costing pounds 1.
In addition, rats exposed to unleaded petrol showed indications of neurological change.
Fuel prices have plummeted across Europe - falling by up to 12 per cent for unleaded petrol and as much as 31 per cent for diesel, according to Post Office Travel Services' Motoring on the Continent report (www.
Unleaded petrol prices increase as early as next week, according to the AA, after US crude prices rose to a record EUR92.
GREEDY garages were slammed yesterday for raising the price of unleaded petrol by 4p a litre after the dodgy fuel fiasco.
The price of unleaded petrol now stands at an average of 92.
The price cuts have brought Asda's unleaded petrol down to a new flat rate of 93.
Experts said that the average cost of a litre of diesel could break the pounds 1 barrier this summer, while unleaded petrol was likely to get "very close".
CONCESSIONS have been given to France to lower excise duty charged on unleaded petrol and diesel, notably allowing its regional governments to set their own rates where there is political pressure to cut fuel prices.