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Synonyms for unlawfulness

the state or quality of being illegal

Antonyms for unlawfulness

the quality of failing to conform to law

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The judge said that for affray to be proved, the prosecution had to convince the jury that there was the use or threat of violence, the unlawfulness of the violence and the fear of others for their personal safety.
Do not become corrupt by getting used to the corrupt rulers who stick to lies, slander, threats, blackmail, pressure and oppression as they plunge deeper into theft, corruption and unlawfulness.
It is for this reason that, just as Hitler occasionally did to his partisans, commanders, bureaucrats and local administrators, Erdoy-an frequently convened meetings with muhtars, district governors, ambassadors and other public servants in large halls and delivered speeches motivating them to commit unlawfulness and arbitrariness.
Is unlawfulness, corruption, arbitrariness, oppression or tyranny, at a level unseen in the most ordinary dictatorships, in Turkey -- which is a member of the Council of Europe (CoE), a party to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), is subordinated to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) and is in the process of becoming a member of the European Union -- so much less scandalous than the nonsense of playing chess with the rules of backgammon that no one raises any objection to it?
Innocent women, elderly and charitable people should not be detained or arrested for their closeness to the Hizmet movement, which raises objections to corruption and unlawfulness.
Police searched the building all-day yesterday and now [the government] appoints a trustee, this is unlawfulness at high-speed," Erdal said in her tweets.
Does the religion of these religious people tolerate bribery, graft, theft, malpractice, lies, slander, unlawfulness, arbitrariness or tyranny?
Can DE-ndar and Erdem GE-l have been the last example of all these unlawfulness.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Veysel Ok, a lawyer representing the Platform for Independent Journalism (P24), has visited several imprisoned journalists at Silivri Prison and published their letters describing the unlawfulness that they continue to face in prison.
Arab are often associated with bloodshed, violence, backwardness, dark skin color, dirt, neglect, illegal affairs, unlawfulness, tribal system, hot climate, deserts, camels and the clothing style of Gulf Arabs.
This country suffered greatly from the despotism of a tutelary mentality for decades, and today it is grieving deeply under the arbitrariness, unlawfulness and despotism of a national trustee who has been placed at the top of the country and who believes he can govern the people -- whom he sees as an unconscious herd -- at will thanks to media manipulations and bloody techniques of psychological warfare.
It was not only us who saw this; the entire world was able to view this image of tyranny, unlawfulness and despotism.
BaE-yurt also criticized the expert report which accused Koza ypek Holding, the parent company of ypek Media Group, of engaging in "obvious" unlawfulness, despite inspections which found that the company is almost "excellent" in terms of paying tax and other matters, adding, "This reveals no concrete evidence was provided for the confiscation ruling, made by an Ankara-based court, but that suspicions articulated by the experts writing the report were the basis for the seizure.
To be clearly established, preexisting law must make the unlawfulness of the officials conduct apparent so that they have fair and clear warning they are violating the Constitution, Arnold wrote, citing case law.
The town planning department, despite knowing that Astrasol had not obtained a planning permit for the mass production of shoe soles, did not take any court measures to put an end to this unlawfulness.