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an unknown and unexplored region

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But so far is he from having any desire for a more accurate knowledge of the earth's surface, that he said he should prefer not to know the sources of the Nile, and that there should be some unknown regions preserved as hunting grounds for the poetic imagination.
The performance begins at 8pm and the programme will also feature another British choral classic, Vaughan Williams' sweeping Toward the Unknown Region.
This was a development of huge consequence for Europeans, which led to the spread of geographical knowledge of an unknown region and more importantly trade with Central Asia.
There were doubtless practical reasons why the different orchestras couldn't be separated more widely in the church; and having had to prepare the Tabakova, it's perhaps understandable if orchestra and choir sounded under-rehearsed and overblown in Vaughan Williams's Towards the Unknown Region.
Human rights groups, genocide scholars, church and synagogue congregations, and legions of students made this remote and unknown region, in the very middle of Africa, a cause to be reckoned with.
Through gathering scientific information and documenting this unknown region of the world, we have acquired the first scientifically documented collection from the sinkhole providing a baseline for further studies that will assist in the conservation of the Chiquibul wilderness," Holst explained.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Sulfide chondrules, a new type of building blocks discovered in meteorites left over from the solar system's infancy, provide evidence for a previously unknown region in the protoplanetary disk that gave rise to the planets including Earth.
With her husband, Mike Quigley, Olin has done her part to introduce people to the remote and relatively unknown region of our state with the recent publication of their book "The Owyhee River Journals.
This kind of problem is relevant to the case in which the target location is hosted in an unaccessible or unknown region and it has been tackled with an adaptive approach, in which the array probes are first used to image, although qualitatively, the unknown region and then to provide the resulting focused field, and assessed in the case of a 2_D scalar configuration.
Against the imposing gallery of Palmer's other films about better-known 20th-century English composers, including Benjamin Britten (A Time There Was, 1980), William Walton (At the Haunted End of the Day, 1980), Malcolm Arnold (Toward the Unknown Region, 2004), and Ralph Vaughn Williams (O Thou Transcendent, 2008), this new production from Palmer's Isolde Films, produced by Melvyn Bragg, might be presumed to be as unassuming and self-effacing as Holst himself.
In contrast, Asia-Pacific is a remote and fairly unknown region in the eyes of most of Europe's policy makers and the public at large.
If distance between closest cluster and feature vector of unknown region is lower than specified limit, unknown region is classified as member of nearest cluster.
Three of the top four winners were smaller farmers from Chalatenago, a fairly unknown region close to the Honduras border.
Other new specialist interest tours include Romania: Wildlife and Walking, featuring an expert guide on wildlife in this spectacular but largely unknown region.