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Synonyms for unknowingness

ignorance (especially of orthodox beliefs)

unconsciousness resulting from lack of knowledge or attention

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13) What stimulated Boyd to produce a film on the war, however, was not the horror but 'the unknowingness, the unimaginability' (14) of the conflict.
Whether the conventional order of narration is more reliable than Ford's unreliable narrator is open to debate, but nothing of Ford's theme of the unknowingness of human behavior will be lost in the condensation.
Butler says: "[W]e must recognize that ethics requires us to risk ourselves precisely at moments of unknowingness, when what forms us diverges from what lies before us, when our willingness to become undone in relation to others constitutes our chance of becoming human.
You never know exactly where the momentum will propel you; and this unknowingness reinforces the sensation of being "taken over" by an outside force--a fundamental part of possessional dance.
This socio-hierarchically disadvantaged vantage point, however, offers the opportunity to acquire a more distinct perception of the levels behind the creation of the valuable artefact than the ladies ever could obtain from their position of power and unknowingness.
Foreman's entire dramaturgy of props, including the geometry of his strings, tricks of perspective, solemn pronunciamentos, shocking noises, verbal conundrums, disorienting tempi, his neatness, and so on, are all intended as an assault on the finitude of unknowingness, or human inability to break through that wall to a raw feel of truth, reality, what is.
Among these tools is a great unknowingness about where such a fundamental critique of patriarchy will take us, but it's definitely not to the safe liberal future of equal opportunity for men and women or to a radical matriarchal utopia.