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without knowledge or intention

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The two men, <Bidentified as Dorian Walker-Gaines, left, and Dillan Thompson, pose for a selfie they unknowingly uploaded to an iCloud account, made with Randy Schaefer's stolen iPad holding money they allegedly took from his vehicle.
The packages were later found to contain around 30 pounds of marijuana, which the woman had unknowingly transported across the border.
They signified their intention to join us here to help us in our campaign but they happened to enter Malaysian waters unknowingly," Sahali added, saying he has yet to speak to the group.
By having Australians unwittingly eating Halal food, then we are all one step down the path of conversion, and that is a step we should only make with full knowledge and not be imposed upon us unknowingly," he added.
With his graceful shot, this poor boy unknowingly set the middle-school girl world on a collision course with his.
The patient may have unknowingly consumed the pellet while eating game meat, the researchers say.
Keller realized that he had unknowingly ridden past the hidden predator twice while looking for the elusive trail, and the "third time it chased me.
Notifying laboratory personnel who unknowingly processed cultures from brucellosis patients is an important preventive measure.
As your board shoots out from under you, do a little slide on your hip and put your hand behind you so that you unknowingly fracture your wrist.
The District and its residents were unknowingly forced to serve as a 'canary in the coal mine' for lead in drinking water," asserted Representative Henry Waxman (D-California) in a statement presented at a congressional hearing in May 2004.
However, if one of my referred customers is on the Do Not Call Registry, I can rack up thousands of dollars in fines, just by unknowingly dialing his/her home," said Michael Goldenberg of Halstead Property LLC, a member of REBNY's residential brokerage committee.
While the first seven chapters are convincing and illuminating, readers of this journal will doubtless be drawn to the second half, where Enders demonstrates the permeability of early modern generic borders, for example in the enactment of Jewish desecration of the Host which [presumably] unknowingly reproduced earlier plays on the topic as if the incident depicted there had happened.
ATHLETICS: Jason Gardener has successfully had surgery to repair a double hernia which he suffered, unknowingly, prior to the winning gold in the 60 metres at the World Indoor Championships.
Through most of the twentieth century, American business has functioned based on the paradigm of adversary transactions, squeezing the lifeblood out of all that unknowingly fall victim.
If a consumer somehow ends up passing a counterfeit bill, unknowingly, the person [should] give the store his or her I.