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Synonyms for unkind

Synonyms for unkind

lacking kindness


deficient in humane and kindly feelings


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The snubbing of Mizzou by the Bowl Championship Series was the unkindest cut of all to Missourians.
The unkindest cut of all was that Galileo had appropriated Scheiner's discovery of variation in the angle of rotation of the sun and used it in the Dialogue as a principal argument in favor of Copernicanism.
In "The Unkindest Cut," readers follow a young woman through poignant, gripping plot twists after her new nose job changes forever her relationship with her father - and with other men.
And perhaps the unkindest cut of all--these latter-day Animal Houses steal potential residents from a market already softened by dropping interest rates.
Perhaps the unkindest cut of all is the verse in Matthew 10 that says that those who love father or mother, son or daughter, more than me are not worthy of me.
But the unkindest cut had to have come from the Family Research Council, a Religious Right group that Frist addressed as recently as last spring.
One of the unkindest twists in this funny old life is that you can't stick around to see how much your contribution meant to other people.
Published in 1972, The Unkindest Cut discussed the arbitrary cutting of lengthy films.
And again it was Stella Artois that provided the unkindest cut of all--this time wounding Asda--with a price of 3.
And of the glorious Fragonard there is not a single illustration--the unkindest cut of them all.
ON an otherwise splendid night's boxing at the AT7 Centre on Saturday night, Tony Conroy suffered the unkindest cut of all when he lost his unbeaten seven-fight record to his opponent's somewhat cynical use of the head as a weapon.
LOS ANGELES -- Routine episiotomies are falling out of favor in response to a growing body of evidence that they are medically unjustified, but white women, those with private insurance, and those with private practitioners are still disproportionately receiving what the popular press has called "the unkindest cut.
The unkindest cut of all was inflicted on the welfare state by those who might have been most expected to defend it: social democrats.
Of all the people we had sample the fruit, the unkindest thing said about it was "delicious.
Hellman, The Unkindest Cut: The White Commission Proposal to Restructure the Ninth Circuit, 73 S.