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Synonyms for unkind

Synonyms for unkind

lacking kindness


deficient in humane and kindly feelings


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Your Poem BRAINWASHING Please my country of birth don't be unkind By brainwashing my newborn innocent mind Inform me about ALL the religions that each country preaches So I'm not forced to believe the one that my country teaches And please tell me of the thoughts of non-believers, too So I can consider their completely different point of view For I don't want a closed mind that's blinkered and shuttered Because I've been brainwashed by beliefs that only my country has uttered I want a pure open mind that soars high and flies free From all the ignorance and bigotry that only the truly brainwashed accept so easily So please my country of birth don't be unkind By brainwashing my newborn innocent mind John Wall, Wavertree
But some of the names on the list might be seen as unkind.
They have lost all credibility The yellows, red and blue It's time to call a taxi For we have seen right through You just do not get it Maybe you are too thick I do not wish to be unkind But you lot get on our wick All three of you ignored us When concerns we raised with you Called us all sorts of names Now you're done, you're through Career politicians you have had your day The country has been patient Now go, be on your way Politicians, councillors Who ride the gravy train We will now vote you out And don't come back again William Allen, Westcotes, Tile Hill.
It is probably unkind to single him out, but has there ever been a duller-voiced sports star than Andy Murray?
This was chance Alastair to ram unkind back the throats his critics A chance to ram some unkind words down the throats of his critics - and they have been spectacularly nasty ones, too.
Trees fast disappearing owing to reckless felling & unkind attitude of people
Without being unkind to Cissokho, he just hasn't fitted in yet, and I would be worried about thrusting him into a match like this, in an atmosphere like that.
Though she is in love with someone else, Celia must work with Bruno to stop the Unkind plaguing their school.
According to the new survey, a whopping 85 percent of adults said that other people on the social networking sites (SNS) are mostly kind, with only five percent saying that other people are mostly unkind.
Arthur Moore originally thought the mark given to Pass The Hat was a bit unkind before he admitted the handicapper had probably got it right.
It is a fine line between being entertaining and being unkind and they crossed that line.
We were together for 45 wonderful years and he never said an unkind word about anyone, despite being a prisoner of war and losing family.
If we want to change our ways, we need to change completely; it's no use putting on an appearance of being kind, while in our heart we're still unkind.
State officials have denied incentive funding after the fact for Robert Rodriguez's film Machete, citing its allegedly unkind portrayal of Texas.
Given my words in recent weeks have been somewhat unkind and hostile towards cyclists, readers may imagine my consternation on Sunday last when, from my kitchen window here in mid-Northumberland, I saw a horde of the Lycra glossy thronging the road.