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Synonyms for unkind

Synonyms for unkind

lacking kindness


deficient in humane and kindly feelings


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In comparison, 69 percent of teenagers said that people on sites like Facebook and Twitter are mostly kind, with 20 percent complaining that others are mostly unkind, the Daily Mail reported.
Andy Oliver privately expressed fears that the handicapper's reaction would be unkind after Mutasareb completed a hat-trick in a 1m4f handicap at Dundalk last Friday.
2 : in a harsh or unkind way <The animals were ill treated.
Some unkind folk say there must be an attraction the Martians are keeping secret, or the folk there are keeping a closer eye on the sky than the rest of us.
It would be unkind to suggest that the quango makes these announcements for the publicity and column inches they generate.
They will be unkind, merciless slanderers, violent and fierce.
which is one rare sight, about as atypical as another recent happening in the desert -- coach Lute Olson hearing catcalls, the unkind variety, as his Arizona Wildcats were pounded on national television by North Carolina.
In the story, a young girl becomes discouraged by the unkind treatment from her schoolmates.
The townspeople are not so much unkind as they are beaten down.
Although the superb original interiors of the buses were gutted and replaced by unkind tat from 1992, and the fleet badly run down ever since, what survived of the Routemasters was much appreciated by most Londoners.
Columnist Mona Charen was unkind enough to recall the 101 largest programs the GOP promised to end in 1995.
Poucher expanded on his unkind comment later when he remarked: 'We were discussing the cellulite Ms Carey has on her legs.
Successful and very wealthy at a young age, Gaudi was said to be arrogant, extravagant, and even unkind.
Even in his role as patron of letters, however, the historical record is unkind, usually attributing his motives to a desire for self aggrandizement and recognition on the model of Federigo da Montefeltro or Alfonso of Aragon.
We know that Isabel Douglas, a friend of the Williamses who settled in Oxford during the war, took strong exception to Michal's unkind remarks.