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characterized by avoidance of traditional western tonality


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The 16 keyed rounds of the cryptographic core are "wrapped" in 16 unkeyed mixing rounds and pre- and post-whitening.
MARS has 16 unkeyed mixing rounds and 16 keyed core rounds: is MARS a 16 round or a 32 round algorithm, or something in between?
Further, the frustrations experienced by some users who are installing new devices, but use cheap unkeyed connectors, making proper connection a 50% probability, and may have to deal with bent or damaged pins on the motherboard or device, can be avoided by the much simpler, idiot-proof Serial ATA connectors.
Leela" of course makes light of all this, but the twenty-two cryptic notes and the marginalia of an unkeyed reading list in "Language Lessons" strike me as all work and no play.
For large complexes with the need for multiple secure networks, 3M now offers 11 keyed and color-coded interconnects -- plus a white, unkeyed interconnect -- so that users can only access the network they are authorized to use.
As soon as he unkeyed his mic my face felt flushed.
KeyServer's automatic-monitoring feature records all activity for unkeyed applications, whether the applications are launched from client workstations or from network servers.