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(especially of promises or contracts) having been violated or disregarded


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The once seemingly unstoppable train to peace with the longest running communist insurgency in the world is limping out of its fourth station on the new route-delayed by a day, dragged down by issues of bad faith and unkept promises, disturbed by new questions about ultimate direction.
Far too many of its professionals see far too many promises left unkept by vendors of services and sometimes by their managers who are, admittedly, frequently placed in challenging positions to manage both up and down.
It certainly went shabby and unkept as taking my own children wasn't the same fun experience.
It's a total disgrace - unkept grass areas, overgrown shrubs and trees and rubbish everywhere.
Litter, unkept walkways, untidy grassed areas,and many dumped items - fridges even.
My son was a victim of corruption, marginalization and unkept promises," his father Othman Yahyaoui said, calling for state compensation for Ridha's death and for his son to be recognized as a "martyr.
No business small or large wants to invest in a dirty unkept area, it makes perfect sense to improve and more importantly maintain the appearance of Birmingham.
He said a Modi- centric campaign lacked credibility because of the unkept promises of the past and blamed BJP's divisive tactics for the drubbing.
According to PRIO senior researcher Mete Hatay, "people are tired of old faces, corruption scandals, unkept promises.
Over the years, the space has evolved from a pleasant green space with a fountain and beautiful landscaping into a patchwork of parking surfaces and unkept landscape.
However, if your decorations come out of the storage box looking a bit bedraggled and unkept, fear not, you can brighten up your festive season with a host of new decorations to ensure a twinkly, shiny Yuletide.
Residents and overseas investors say their faith in the company has taken a battering after a series of missed deadlines, unkept promises and a succession of contract signings.
The letter highlighted post-war challenges, unkept Colombo promises, HR abuses relating to Tamils and said the TNA looked forward "to closely working" with his new government to "ensure that violence does not recur in Sri Lanka".
The entire play is set in the unkept but well-loved home of middle-aged singleton Kath and her elderly father Kemp.
The voters are tired of this patronizing rhetoric and unkept promises," he said, expressing concerns with the budget.