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(especially of promises or contracts) having been violated or disregarded


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Business happy, others not due to govt's unkept promises
The voters are tired of this patronizing rhetoric and unkept promises," he said, expressing concerns with the budget.
One day a very scruffy unkept man came in to test drive a Rolls Royce, a man Bradley described as a real down and out.
He was referring to unkept promises by several nations to arm fighters battling to topple the Assad government, which is backed by Russia and Iran.
so I hope it's all changing I wouldn't let a teacher who looks unkept or unshaved into the classroom
Also, the day he apologized to the American people about the health insurance unkept promise.
Perhaps they'll install speed bumps on south Willamette that require drivers to cross them at 15 mph when the traffic sign says 25 mph (and let's not forget the dangerous, unkept flower bed at the intersection of Crest Drive and Lincoln Street that fire and emergency vehicles can't negotiate).
How often are areas planted and left unkept, for example the dog walk next to Wolviston Road, Billingham, planted with wild flowers then abandoned?
Mr Putin's most conspicuous unkept promise over 14 years in power is the establishment of what he once called "a dictatorship of the law".
The vintage-looking snap features the abandoned home, boarded up with an unkept lawn.
Unkept promises is what those words represent, as one paper here sets out thoroughly.
The lawn was dry and brown and the interior was unkept and outdated," said Chris Williams, CEO of Blue Sky Capital.
Jack wasn't the most attractive hitch hiker who looked unkept, and he had a busted nose with duct tape across it.
Kiss and tells, spells in rehab, bastart weans, outdoor sex romps, irregular marriages and unkept promises, not to mention a string of sexual diseases, would make him a liability.
The Istanbul meeting is also scheduled to discuss what the opposition leader said were unkept promises by countries that had pledged diplomatic, military and financial support to the coalition.