universe of discourse

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everything stated or assumed in a given discussion

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max] = 19337, so the universe of discourse is set to U = [13000, 20000].
The variable d is partitioned in the universe of discourse [0 2 mm] which is defined by five triangular membership functions: very small (VS), small (S), medium (M), big (B), and very big (VB) as shown in Figure 18.
NV] (NVS in short) on the universe of discourse X written as
Let S be an arbitrary set in the universe of discourse U of any dimension, and the optimal point O [member of] S.
When they are communicating with Southern women or with women who have retained the vestiges of their initial tribal culture, they are communicating from within one universe of discourse toward another.
Step 6: Divide Universe of discourse U into equal sub-intervals.
Each universe of discourse is divided into seven subsets such as Positive Large(PB), Positive Medium(PM), Positive Small(PS), Zero(ZE), Negative Small(NS), Negative Medium (NM), Negative Large(NB).
Though undoubtedly spiritual, Merici does not fit into the same universe of discourse as Teresa of Avila.
If you function in a universe of discourse where there is nothing but the material world as claimed by modern science, then there is no choice but to explain higher life forms as the evolution of lower forms and reducible ultimately to material aggregates.
The framework aims to be inclusive by (a) including concepts from as wide a range of career development theories as possible, (b) including both career development and career intervention considerations in a common universe of discourse, and (c) seeking to be applicable to diverse population groups.
The universe of discourse for all linguistic variables is uniformly chosen to be [-1.
A referent is considered to be identifiable if the speaker assumes that the addressee, by means of the linguistic encoding of the noun phrase and in the particular universe of discourse, is able to identify the particular entity in question among other entities of the same or different class in the context.
In such an ontology, definitions associate the names of entities in the universe of discourse (e.
eme] Elsewhere, street signs, billboards, and graffiti evoke a universe of discourse that seems completely external--so many epitaphs.
Is William Whyte's Organization Man in an utterly different universe of discourse from C.