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And it will, I believe, be universally found to be true, that wherever in two regions, let them be ever so distant, many closely allied or representative species occur, there will likewise be found some identical species, showing, in accordance with the foregoing view, that at some former period there has been intercommunication or migration between the two regions.
At the Cape of Good Hope the same hospitality, and very nearly the same points of etiquette, are universally observed.
This animal is universally known by a very peculiar noise which it makes when beneath the ground.
Restek is now using universally recognized GHS labeling for its reference standards.
com)-- Founded in 2002 by CEO Vickie Peggs, Universally Speaking quickly established a reputation as one of the most successful and respected service providers to the video games industry.
Eyrpetveit: two bus bays to be moved and be universally formulated.
The course is designed to develop the capacity of participants and enable them to professionally prepare various reports in accordance with sound scientific methodology, which is universally recognized.
According to WAFA, the ministry statement said, "Breaking the current deadlock in the Palestinian-Israeli peace process is possible only through negotiation based on the universally accepted international law basis.
MOSCOW, Aug 24 (KUNA) -- Moscow reiterated Friday support for Mahmoud Abbas as a universally recognized Palestinian leader.
For Catholics filling St Peter's Square and its surrounding streets, and for those watching around the world the beatification was a welcome hearkening back to the days when the Pope was almost universally beloved.
It will be much of the same on Wednesday and Thursday, with large amounts of cloud keeping the temperatures across the country universally positive.
Summary: Actor Sam Worthington has hit back at the critics after his new film, Clash of the Titans was universally panned.
Recent leadership literature suggests that there is a growing trend to explore the idea of identifying universally accepted leadership behaviors.
The Universally Challenged Dinner at the Newcastle Gateshead Hilton, will see four teams competing in a quiz throughout the evening.
With a width of only 17 or 21 millimeters, the universally applicable TC08 and TC15 valves from Bosch Rexroth provide a high flow rate of 0.