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Synonyms for universalize

to make universal


Synonyms for universalize

make universal

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His black body existed in a space of in-betweenness; it was simultaneously American and African, suggesting that national struggles for justice, such as that against apartheid and racist segregation, only acquired meaning through universalizing discourses within transnational imaginaries.
3), providing the construction for a universalizing principle which led to the emergence of human rights and democracy.
The present government continues to be inspired and guided in ameliorating the lot of workers by the policy principles laid down in the PPP Manifesto The restoration in service of the sacked workers through legislation, the replacement of the anti labour legislation with a pro-labour law, the restoration of trade union activities, the plans to build 80,000 housing units for the labour, enhancing the minimum wage to 6,000 rupees per month, increasing the workers share in the profit and increasing and universalizing marriage grants to all workers are some of the steps taken by the present government.
Its program "Reading Access for the Visually Impaired in Marrakech" is an exceptional contribution to the efforts of universalizing literacy, the UN body added.
He points to the Enlightenment legacy of critical consciousness with its three "moments" of emancipation, self-reflexivity, and universalizing rationalism (pp.
Girard arrives at his universalizing theory through the close study of particular authors, notably Cervantes, Flaubert, Proust, Shakespeare, and Dostoyevsky.
It amazes me that academics who accuse white women of universalizing, or trying to speak on behalf of all women, commit the same error by writing as if white feminists have one point of view and agenda and women of color have another.
As Keizer herself puts it in the introduction, "numerous feminist and anti-racist critics have pointed out [that] Western philosophies and theories of subjectivity have proven inadequate to an analysis of the formation of black subjects (especially black female subjects) because of their universalizing tendencies and sexist and racist biases" (14).
They reject large-N statistical analysis, but their principal target is the universalizing ambition of the rational choice/game theorists who take little or no account of time and place.
Daiute & Jones, (2003): "Discourse Strategies" (identifying, contextualizing, broadening, practicing, empathizing, universalizing, distancing, avoiding, and personalizing) were highly beneficial as an analytical lens to illuminate the students' development and simultaneously inform curriculum development in the unit.
The chapters reveal the ways in which mutual aid processes help individuals overcome social and emotional trauma in contemporary society by reducing isolation, universalizing individual problems, and mitigating stigma.
Secondly, universalizing the victim's symptoms provides assurance that these responses are logical end products of antecedent conditions and do not represent a psychopathology.
It is a useful compilation, though the selections seem to have been chosen to present the subjects in the best possible light to a modern, Western(ized), liberal-minded, universalizing audience, and the individual voices therefore tend to be flattened into an undifferentiated mass of ecumenical tolerance.
The breadth of concern is a reflection of the categories themselves: "women" and "religion" are abstract categories that resist the universalizing drift that is a necessary aspect of all survey courses.
Along with its concern for social justice (as opposed to personal, individual justice), however, liberal theology brought with it a universalizing tendency expressing the U.