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Synonyms for universalize

to make universal


Synonyms for universalize

make universal

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The company's latest production, a final (at the Hummingbird Centre) season-opening September affair, broke new ground visually by abandoning a historically based vision of Scotland for a stylized, universalized study of power and powerlessness.
All Black identity is reduced to this axis of age, sexuality, and gender, which then becomes universalized.
But he also believes that their Western approach to marketing--and a Western director who has universalized a story with a Japanese setting--has improved post-theatrical sales overseas.
Even before the gospel writers put stylus parchment, Christianity's dominant focus had shifted from the teachings of Jesus to the death and resurrection legends and the notion of universalized human sacrifice.
Provocative classroom discussions can use as a point of departure the question of just how patriarchal thinking, when universalized, can provide the ideological framework for the domination not only of women, but of conquered and colonized peoples, individuals of other races and classes, and indeed the natural world itself.
Or they have totally universalized their personal experience and are now prepared to impose it on all humanity.
Experience is important, yes (contra Barth), but no longer is it the experience of the self falsely universalized and in positions of control (contra liberalism) or of tradition and text enjoining a group conformity (contra postliberalism).
Nelson's readings of texts from the burgeoning fields of mid-nineteenth-century ,gynecology, ethnology (especially its interest in polygenesis and racial categorization), anthropology, and archeology investigate the ways in which a scientific standpoint--a universalized, abstract, and occluded authority--was increasingly adapted as a method of articulating white manhood and as a tool for managing the race, class, and gender differences that always haunt national manhood's unifying desires.
Ellington's songs have a self-contained, universalized perfection that tends to work against the musical theater's nuts-and-bolts need for specifics.
You see, even though the House resolution universalized the Ten Commandments as "fundamental principles that are the cornerstones of a fair and just society," the fact is that there are at least three distinct iterations of the Ten Commandments.
Day's argument rests upon a carefully and thoroughly argued distinction between universalized and essentialized "Enlightenment reason of egocentricity, exclusion, and oppression" and her replacement of it with "the reason of mutuality, communication and exchange.
Here the argument is that since principles of indifference and neglect cannot be universalized, care and concern must be required virtues.
With their energies extended and universalized by a corps of eight, the three become force fields, energizing the shadowy spaces around and between them, rather than traveling much themselves.