universal suffrage

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suffrage for all adults who are not disqualified by the laws of the country

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By expediently and timely dissolving the CNRP and 'redistributing' to itself the 5,007 commune councillor positions originally won by the opposition CNRP through universal suffrage, the ruling CPP will secure 100 percent of the 57 senator seats up for grab, which concretely announces the return to a one-party system as before the signing of the 1991 Paris Agreements on Cambodia.
Universal suffrage to elect all members of legco has also become uncertain.
Organized by the Alliance for Peace and Democracy, the campaign aims at gathering Hong Kong people's support for the constitutional reform package designed for the election of the next chief executive by "one person, one vote" universal suffrage.
The upcoming 2015 parliamentary elections on October 3, the third in the nation's history -- will see, for the first time, a single-vote system, a judge to lead the panel that will hear appeals, overseas ballots, and a wider awareness campaign to improve turnout -- it will witness, for the first time, greater political participation, and achievable universal suffrage.
The main appeal of the protesters is to oppose a framework decided on August 31 by China's top legislature on the election of Hong Kong's next chief executive by universal suffrage slated in 2017.
After Beijing's promise of universal suffrage for the 2017 election, Hong Kong, which was handed over to China by the British colonial ruler in 1997, had anticipated more democracy.
As long as reform proposals are based on Basic Law provisions, there is a good chance the community can forge a consensus to achieve universal suffrage in 2017, Mrs Lam said.
Forgotten, the lessons of past LEST we forget the sacrifice of the common man during that war to end all wars and the social revolution that inadvertently transpired bringing justice and universal suffrage and an acceptable level of equality for the masses.
NNA - British Foreign Secretary William Hague on Tuesday said Hong Kong's universal suffrage must meet the "aspirations" of the people, in remarks likely to anger Beijing, AFP reported.
Washington's top envoy to Hong Kong said Tuesday he welcomes China's decision to allow full democracy in Hong Kong and that the United States backs Hong Kong in striving for "genuine" universal suffrage.
The marchers demanded for universal suffrage in Hong Kong and criticized the leadership of C Y Leung who said that implementation of universal suffrage for the chief executive election in 2017 is a major task for the Hong Kong government, BBC reports.
Parliament has been elected by direct universal suffrage since 1979.
The new legislature could pave the way for universal suffrage as promised by Beijing in 2017 for the job of chief executive, and by 2020 for the parliament.
The work explores how conservative, ruling class feminists opposed Peron's decision to grant universal suffrage as a class wedge issue, and how socialist and anarchist feminists opposed Peron on the grounds that his actions were simply an opportunistic ploy to further his totalitarian agenda.
The practice of unrestricted universal suffrage is unjust.
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