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(mathematics) the set that contains all the elements or objects involved in the problem under consideration

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It is said that the function of membership assigns every element of universal set X to interval {0,1}.
The genetic code is basically a universal set of instructions for translating DNA into proteins.
Throughout life, each person is motivated to satisfy a universal set of human needs to pursue the highest possible quality of life that each environment they are in will satisfy or frustrate to some degree.
But by imbuing students from all cultures and backgrounds with a universal set of democratic values, education turns a potential weakness into our nation's most enduring strength.
In a Venn diagram we have with respect to a universal set U the following:
Aside from products and lighting systems solutions, GE is a leader in addressing global industry issues of LED quality and reliability by pushing for a universal set of LED performance standards.
Especially because there is no universal set of standards for tour guides.
If other major sports - football, cricket, tennis, etc - are subject to a universal set of statutes, can't racing at least attempt some sort of harmonisation?
NxTop Connect helps customers cut desktop costs and improve controls by enabling a centrally-managed, universal set of endpoint hardware for all desktop and application use cases.
FairWild certification offers a universal set of comprehensive social, ecological and quality requirements for sustainable wild collection, including respecting customary rights, fair prices and fair trade premium, preventing negative environmental impacts, maintaining wild resources and applying good management and business practices.
He advocated that decision making is a rational, scientific process, involving careful computation of a universal set of options.
At this level, there may be a universal set of rules that governs how a limited number of sounds can be combined in an infinite number of ways.
The Geneva-based World Health Organization uses her to help develop a universal set of health standards, much as the Basel concordats have done for the banking world.
Islam is a universal set of values that are often appropriated by governments, interest groups and bands of individuals with interests other than the promotion of the common good or peaceful understanding between the three Abrahamic faiths.
With NBC Universal set to move its operations to Universal City, the company reserves the right to lease the Burbank facility for several years while it makes the move.
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