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a person whose type O Rh-negative blood may be safely transfused into persons with other blood types

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She then mentioned how her mother donates blood frequently, saying she is a universal donor, meaning O-negative.
is focused on the development of the Endometrial Regenerative Cell (ERC), a universal donor adult stem cell product.
With this in mind, Mark Dahlke, MD, a lead investigator in the study, and his team decided to explore the potential of a third-party-derived MAPC to act as a universal donor, consistent with the approach being taken clinical in several other disease areas.
Emily Solis, a nurse, donates blood after learning that her blood type is considered a universal donor.
Although the guidelines state that much of the best data supporting the use of oocyte cryopreservation was in the setting of donor oocyte cydes, the group said it would need more clinic-specific data on the safety and efficiency in the donor population before it could recommend universal donor banking.
An individual with type O- blood is known as universal donor.
A true universal donor for dogs is negative for DEA 1.
In a dire emergency, universal donor blood could be obtained from the blood ban in ten minutes.
Gorey is among the five per cent of people in the world with an O negative blood group, making her a universal donor instantly.
These blood products typically come from so-called "universal donor" dogs; true universal donor blood is automatically compatible with the red blood cell type of any recipient dog patient.
The aim of the 3million project is to develop an alternative source of O-negative blood, the universal donor group that can be transfused into the vast majority of the population without fear of rejection.
The hospital described its supply of the universal donor type that can be given to any patient as "close to crisis levels.
O negative is the universal donor group which can be transfused into anyone without fear of rejection.
While it is common knowledge that O- is the universal donor for pRBCs, the same cannot be said for FFP.
O-negative blood, sometimes called "the universal donor blood," can be administered to people of virtually any blood type, she said.
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