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a scalar matrix in which all of the diagonal elements are unity

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Step 1 : Reduce the system of linear equations AX = B to a form containing the unit matrix of requisite order, using elementary row operations only.
For a lossless passive network, the complex S-parameter matrix |Mathematical Expression Omitted~ must satisfy the equation |Mathematical Expression Omitted~, where |Mathematical Expression Omitted~ is the unit matrix of the same order as |Mathematical Expression Omitted~, and |Mathematical Expression Omitted~ is the Hermitian conjugate (conjugate transpose) of |Mathematical Expression Omitted~.
Head of Merseyside Police unit Matrix Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Richardson said: "This is a large and sophisticated cannabis factory containing thousands of plants across 11 growing rooms.
p)--(kxl)--the matrix; E--(m x m)--the unit matrix.
4)] is the 4x4 unit matrix and [PSI] is a 4-component column (bispinor) wavefunction.
The big M method and the two-phases way are usually adopted to construct a unit matrix as a initial basis.
where P is the direct sum of the unit matrix of order 2 x 2 and a null matrix i.
Yesterday the force's anti-gang unit Matrix remained on site dismantling the factory, which was spread across 11 rooms.
i]{D} correspond to line "i" in the 8th order unit matrix.
Detective Superintendent Chris Green, from the force's anti gun and gang unit Matrix said: "Here we have cannabis cultivation within the heart of a small community.