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calculated cost for a given unit of a product

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Official mentioned that from new hydro-electric plants, the unit cost will be considerably higher because of the need to recover capital investments in the associated structures, adding burning of coal carries the burden of a large environmental impact.
Dartmouth-Hitchock has always been low at using expensive medical interventions, but, today, because total medical expense figures are not reported in the same way as unit costs, total medical expense figures are much harder to find on the Internet, Butterly said.
The vehicle unit cost report tracks the cost of each individual vehicle as well as hours expended, material consumed, and program-level costs, (i.
price is a good approximation of the social value of those resources, reflecting the demand for their use by different producers, and may therefore be close or equal to the unit cost indicated by the social opportunity cost approach.
The unit cost method of estimating claims will most likely not pick this up.
The base profit was selected to be $20, or 20% of the unit cost.
How each mortgage banker performs these activities can and probably does differ, which is how we can get activity unit cost variances between companies.
For usage of up to 20 kilowatts during peak hours, per unit cost has been increased to Rs 16.
The company reported solid production results last week, which were broadly as expected with good unit cost performance.
To provide for oversight of cost growth in DOD major defense acquisition programs, Congress passed legislation, commonly referred to as Nunn-McCurdy, which requires DOD to notify Congress when a program's unit cost growth exceeds (or breaches) the latest approved acquisition program baseline by at least 15 percent.
We need a change that emphasizes maintaining our industrial base, stabilizing cash flows, and balancing globalization and that places less emphasis on high production rates, superior technology, and unit cost.
Invest in process and technology that will provide accuracy and efficiency in dealing with channel partners (reducing unit cost of transactions);
Because standard output measures - quality, response time, flexibility, and unit cost - that have dominated manufacturing thinking over the last 20 years are difficult to apply to diverse industries, we focused on the generic managerial processes key to governing a plant.
One was a special seasonal rate which evened out the unit costs between summer (typically low unit cost for heating purposes) and winter (typically high cost).