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the smallest group of atoms or molecules whose repetition at regular intervals in three dimensions produces the lattices of a crystal

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We interpret (10) as the size of the unit cell in the curved momentum space.
The velocity vectors are projected onto a surface running down the middle of a unit cell.
Each time the neutron wavelength was changed, the unit cell dimensions (a, b, c) were adjusted proportionately (but keeping a = b = c) in order to keep the Bragg spots in the detector plane.
Before the FEA was used to predict the thermal conductivity of microcellular foams, the configuration of the model including the type and number of unit cells was determined.
575263 for the three directions parallel to the edges of the unit cell C, [[gamma].
The proposed LWA is capable of continuously scanning the beam and contains 10-cell improved performance, such as wider scanning, high gain, and small unit cell (UC) size, and it offers several distinct advantages at X-band frequencies.
where c is the Cu relative number per unit cell in [Cu.
The technique produces phase identification, phase quantification, degree of crystallinity, crystallite size and unit cell size.
Circular shaped patches have been chosen for each unit cell of the lattice.
For a crystalline needle grown from the acetone solution, 9967 X-ray reflections were measured, and a unit cell with a = 7.
Robinson said that funding issues with Karadzic's defence team mean that he "is not really prepared" to return to court on March 1 despite working 10 hours a day on his case from his detention unit cell.
company, has signed an Other Transaction Agreement with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) that will provide up to $21 million in government funding to design, fabricate and test a Unit Cell Module for a 150 kilowatt (kW) Laser Weapon System (LWS) and develop a critical design for the 150kW LWS.
3 and 4, are from 60 to 130 unit cell (unit cell of the (100) face = 1.