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the smallest group of atoms or molecules whose repetition at regular intervals in three dimensions produces the lattices of a crystal

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Another advantage of using the waveguide based technique as compared to the single unit cell based approach being used in the past [30], is that a number of unit cells are required in this case to fill the cross-section of the rectangular waveguide, which basically helps to know whether the unit cell defined under the particular situation is appropriate under the macro approximation simulating the real material.
The top view of the TL MTM structure unit cell is shown in Fig.
Therefore, an axisymmetric unit cell model is developed with the graphite particle centered in the matrix as shown in Figure 9(a).
It is note that through the optimizations all atomic coordinates and unit cell parameters were fully relaxed with BFGS algorithm [33] (suggested by Broyden, Fletcher, Goldfarb and Shannon).
The unit cell volume was calculated by using following formula V= a2c sin120 (2)
The velocity vectors are projected onto a surface running down the middle of a unit cell.
We interpret (10) as the size of the unit cell in the curved momentum space.
To demonstrate the microwave absorption, the designed structures were fabricated into a 20 x 20 unit cell sample (200 mm x 200 mm x 1.
In this paper, we present a wideband monopole antenna loaded with one CRLH unit cell for mobile applications.
Based on the desirable features of a wide operation band and a simple design of a bowtie-shaped antenna, the proposed design adopts a bowtie dipole with a lumped resistor as the unit cell of a two-dimensional periodic array.
The advantage of this type of antenna is that the resonant frequency of the antenna is not related to the physical length of the CRLH TL, but to the values of the capacitance and inductance of the CRLH unit cell.
2] unit cell laboratory unit V-RFB system with concentration flow-tubes, electrical connections, and nitrogen flow.
The design parameters are beams led from the origin of the coordinate system centered in the unit cell.
The information provided by TempoTrack enables calculation of the relative air recovery per unit cell lip length.