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Synonyms for unison

in unison: simultaneously


in unison: together

Words related to unison

corresponding exactly

Related Words

occurring together or simultaneously

(music) two or more sounds or tones at the same pitch or in octaves

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I would like to assure Mail readers that Unison unreservedly condemns this violence.
Lily Kerr, head of bargaining and representation at the union, said: "Local Unison representatives, members and full-time officials have become increasingly frustrated at what they see as management's anti-Unison stand.
Unison typically offers seven years of rent up front for the remainder of the landlord's lease.
Unison officials would not reveal yesterday which council they are set to sue over equal pay.
Now officials at Unison say they are looking into a number of issues raised by the case which could have an effect on the back pay of women workers across the region.
UNISON has won more than pounds 320 million in compensation for members suffering work-related personal injuries on the way to or from work.
Unison had been negotiating with the company to achieve a single set of terms and conditions, but talks broke down.
Unison is a special interest group that primarily looks after the interests of its members.
Earlier this month, some Unison delegates in North Wales walked out of a meeting in protest at Mr Gregory's presence and last week Unison delegates at a meeting in Llandrindod Wells passed a motion calling for the temporary suspension or redeployment of Mr Gregory and Ms Cole.
Questioning how fireflies synchronize "does not come easily to us as human beings because we accept our own ability to dance or to march in unison as being second nature," argued John Buck in his classic 1976 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN article.
At first stiff-legged and knock-kneed, they become increasingly animated until they turn into a crowd of drunks rhythmically crawling in unison.
But yesterday following emergency talks, Unison said management had "bowed to the pressure" and met all the demands put forward by workers.
Rory Malone, who was Dundee branch secretary for Unison for nearly a decade, was subject to an internal investigation after claims involving members' funds.
Unison members will be coming out in force to show support for the council run care homes currently under threat of closure.