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relating to only one sex or having only one type of sexual organ

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Pannell (1997b) demonstrated the effects of local extinction and recolonization on the maintenance of cosexuality versus unisexuality in a model that explicitly recognized the advantage enjoyed by hermaphrodites over unisexuals in colonizing unoccupied sites.
5 cm long, sessile, bisexual or unisexual, corolla 4-6-merous; stamens wider than their length, filament with depression accommodating anthers which are basifixed.
monoecious: Condition of being unisexual with both pistillate and staminate flowers on the same plant.
To simplify the situation of unisexual populations of salamanders with various hybrid chromosome combinations from Ambystoma laterale, A.
Organ initiation and the development of unisexual flowers in the tassel and ear of Zea mays.
The literature concerning unisexual vertebrates has expanded rapidly over the last few decades in response to the growing number of discoveries of unisexual taxa (Dawley 1989) and their usefulness in examining basic principles of ecology and evolutionary biology (Vrijenhoek 1994).
Molecular clones within organismal clones: mitochondrial DNA phylogenies and the evolutionary histories of unisexual vertebrates.
Flower size dimorphism in plants with unisexual flowers, p.
It is the breakdown of standards in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s - the era of unisexual marketing and coed conversion - that has produced this current wave of unrepentant misogyny.
Although Beach told SCIENCE NEWS that Crews's work is "very interesting stuff,' he feels that asking whether two sexes evolved from a unisexual species on the basis of C.
Schoenoplectus, Isolepis and Cyperus) or unisexual flowers (e.
Most of the flowers of the species in the family are bisexual; unisexual flowers have been reported for the Mesoamerican and Mexican species of Hechtia Klotzsch, in some species of Catopsis Griseb.
manicata perfect flowers are mixed with unisexual ones.
The purpose of this paper, the tenth in a series of reports on parasites of unisexual and bisexual Cnemidophorus (see McAllister et al.