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relating to only one sex or having only one type of sexual organ

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The development of apparently strict unisexual prothalli suggests that D.
Rydgren K, Halvorsen R and Cronberg N (2010) Infrequent sporophyte production maintains a female-biased sex ratio in the unisexual clonal moss Hylocomium splendens.
Flowers are small, much branched, unisexual in tomentose, druping, and axillary panicles in the upper axils.
americanus, has been described as having dioecious, unisexual flowers with either stamens or gynoecium aborting (Green 1958; Nesom 2012).
The plant is unisexual, a strong climber with grayish fruits and edible seeds that are smooth and also have hard seed testa (schippers 2000).
The vines produce unisexual flowers--that is, either male or female flowers as opposed to bisexual or perfect flowers like a lily or rose.
tenuis prevalence here will be low, that prevalence should increase with deer age because most young deer are not infected, and that infection intensity should be low with high rates of single worm and unisexual infections.
1990) and the occurrence of unisexual flowers in certain species almost restricted to Theligoneae and Anthospermae (Robbrecht, 1988).
An occult infection may be the outcome of prepatent infection, unisexual adult infections, worm sterility following therapy and immune-mediated sterile infection.
While rock 'n' roll stars like Elvis Presley successfully presented an image of overt masculinity, the Beatles displayed a soft and unisexual image.
Some unisexual species (for example: Gray-checkered Whiptail, Aspidoscelis dixoni; New Mexico Whiptail, Aspidoscelis neomexicana) are widely distributed, with disjunct populations occurring well outside of their primary range (Manning and others 2005; Cordes and Walker 2006).