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Synonyms for unironed

(of linens or clothes) not ironed


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The lines on the old man's face looked like the creases of an unironed shirt.
Sunday, Feb 8: Terry Saunders: Figure 8 @ The Waiting Room, Eaglescliffe - Terry has emerged as one of the country's leading young storytelling comedians, mixing humour with endearingly amateurish pictures projected onto an unironed sheet.
Coincidentally (uh, oh) Kris, Vicki's assistant (Kristen Sieh), a just-starting-out lawyer (who seems to wear only untucked, unironed shirts) is the pedophile's estranged sister.
How can Mrs Columbo (and believe me there is one) allow her chain-smoking cigar husband to be attired in a grubby mac, grubby suit, grubby unironed shirt, complete with grubby stubble, every day of the week?
They were exceedingly thin, neither had socks, one wore cracked shoes and the other disintegrating sandals, their shirts were washed and unironed with shredded collars, they were both in need of a shave.
At Le Paquis, Fisher performs the tasks of a waiter; she writes that she "set out tumblers, plates, silver, smooth, unironed napkins" (665).
With her rubber-banded ponytail, blue cotton socks, unironed blouse, and blinking air of sleeplessness and tremulous bravado, she was just about ready for a new linkup, and probably too far along to run home to her mom and dad and stick there anyway.
GETTING THE RHYTHM: You oversleep and walk in late and unironed for your Big Meeting, plus you're limping from tripping over the curb on the way in.
Yet no one is arguing, for example, that the decline in American productivity is due to unironed shirts and cold breakfasts.
Unironed shirts, slack ties, made-up faces and hairspray.
In our house the arrival of I'm a Celebrity straight after the X Factor results show also means the kids may have to go to school with unironed shirts from now until Christmas.
In life (I can't speak for death, yet), there are few more disheartening sights than the unironed shirt, the ill-chosen hat, the poorly matched handbag.