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having a single pole


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Eleven markers differentiating bipolar from unipolar depression were confirmed, including reversed circadian rhythms and high debts for both genders;; 3 or more religion changes; and 60 or more sexual partners, found Dr.
After the collapse of former Soviet Union, the US sought to bolster the pillars of unipolar system in the world through expansion of military power and controlling global media, Salehi said, addressing the tenth international energy conference in Tehran on Wednesday.
There can hardly be doubts that the unipolar world model failed.
This updated systematic review reinforces lithium as an effective agent to reduce the risk of suicide in people with mood disorders" -- both unipolar and bipolar, the study authors wrote.
Either path could lead to the loss of their status as the sole polar power dominating the unipolar system.
These leaders promised that a unipolar world would emerge, more peaceful and stable than ever before.
An eight-channel low-side driver of up to 600 milliamps (mA) drive capability per channel, the NCV7240 provides power distribution to relays, LEDs and unipolar stepper motors.
In a unipolar world, NAM could be the voice of the poor and underprivileged.
It can drive most any unipolar X-ray tube, up to 225KV, and may be used with a myriad of detectors.
This situation has made the media landscape unipolar with a single view, just as what prevailed under the former regime but rather hostile to the democratically elected government, says the communique.
S-5716 Hall-IC Series in CMOS technology were developed as precise magnetic sensors using the Hall-effect to detect omnipolar N- and S-pole or unipolar either N- or S-pole magnetic flux.
Here we review the evolving concept of bipolar spectrum disorders with particular reference to dimensional aspects of symptoms and the interfaces between unipolar depression and bipolar disorder and between bipolar disorder and psychosis.
Nigeria's foreign policy in a unipolar world dominated by the United States is an issue the work attempts to investigate.