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not converted into ions

being a member of or formed into a labor union

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Four categories of firms appear to have achieved performance levels in the range of 18-21% above nonunion firms without teams or group-based incentives: both unionized and nonunion firms having both teams and group-based pay incentives, and both unionized and nonunion firms with group-based pay incentives but no work teams.
Nevertheless, many are employed by medical facilities in which other groups are unionized, including professionals such as nurses.
5) Substituting (5) into (4), it is clear that higher unionized wages are accompanied by higher employment (output) rather than lower employment.
Not only are blacks more unionized in the work force as a whole, but they also represent a large proportion of unionized and total workers in each major section of the U.
Impulsively, I went along with the prevailing opinion that operational discipline would be compromised in a unionized military with officers like me having their authority challenged to the point of insubordination.
The union says all current 1,400 unionized PSEG Long Island employers would be protected by the clause, which earlier applied to workers appointed before 2011, under the tentative deal reached on Tuesday.
They added that the PWRDF's work involves working with unions and unionized workers.
Many of the remaining demonstrators came from other unionized hotels or community groups.
OTTAWA -- Disabled male workers with disabilities, who are also unionized, are likely to find themselves earning salaries in the top quarter of the earning range while most unionized female workers with disabilities still earn salaries in the bottom two quarters of the earnings range says the Canadian Council on Social Development.
Representatives of some 600 unionized workers were concerned CN would minimize long-term commitments, particularly on jobs.
Unionized professionals are not voting Democratic because they are professionals, but because they are unionized (and, increasingly, unionized government employees at that).
Deputy general-secretary of the Barbados Workers' Union (BWU), Robert Morris, said more than 250 CIBC staffers were unionized.
Private sector unionization had been on the decline for more than 30 years and, at the beginning of 1999, only 10% of the private sector workforce was unionized.
Wobblies successfully unionized Philadelphia longshoremen by bringing together black and white dockworkers in a union with low barriers to membership, a commitment to noncontractualism, and a practice of demanding higher wages whenever economic conditions shifted in their favor.