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act of forming labor unions

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Although the industry-level measure of labor strength makes possible the use of a large sample and accounts for the spillover effect of unionization, it has an obvious shortcoming: the extent of unionization at the industry level might be correlated with other industry characteristics.
And, as these political scientists have demonstrated, it is life satisfaction and not an increase in income that is the true benefit of unionization.
So, obviously, employers need to be more alert in regards to having adequate labor counsel and being prepared for these pending changes to unionization policy.
Since there are differences in connotations about unionization and union practices, we first clarify and define the scope of unionization.
Priests were transferred, teachers fired or not rehired--all, they said, because they favored unionization.
The last area is that unionization does seem to prompt teachers to seek additional training such as advanced degrees.
The vote was a major blow to the UAW because Volkswagen, unlike most American companies faced with unionization drives, was not even opposing the effort.
Unionization, if prudently carried out, will not in any way "de-militarize" our Forces.
Second, we use the enterprise population-level data to test the link between unionization and employee compensation.
That course is necessary, they contend, because the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and its slow-moving enforcer, the National Labor Relations Board, are not adequate to the task of protecting workers who advocate unionization.
com/2012/apr/20/business/la-fi-ct-visual-effects-workers-20120420) has said unionization of VFX workers is one of his top priorities.
The long list of objections to a faculty union raised by UO administrators makes clear that they are not simply objecting to some aspect of the proposed union; instead the administration is opposing faculty unionization generally.
Private-sector industries with high unionization rates included transportation and utilities (21.
The measure has been criticized in part as an effort to prevent employers the right to present their arguments against unionization.
But unionization is another step in legitimizing California's medical marijuana industry.