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act of forming labor unions

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Unions may self-select into industries with low or high repurchase ratios causing the effect of unionization on share repurchases to be misstated.
Flexjet and OneSky terminated these hard-working pilots because they exercised their rights to encourage coworkers to support unionization," Teamsters Airline Division International Representative Capt.
Since there are differences in connotations about unionization and union practices, we first clarify and define the scope of unionization.
Priests were transferred, teachers fired or not rehired--all, they said, because they favored unionization.
The vote was a major blow to the UAW because Volkswagen, unlike most American companies faced with unionization drives, was not even opposing the effort.
Unionization, if prudently carried out, will not in any way "de-militarize" our Forces.
Second, we use the enterprise population-level data to test the link between unionization and employee compensation.
Let's start with the cornerstone of their argument, namely that the country would benefit if there were a union resurgence to the levels of the 1950s, when unionization peaked at about 36 percent of the private sector labor force.
Steve Kaplan, an organizer for IATSE Local 839 (also known as the Animation Guild), also supports unionization for VFX artists, but said many workers will simply not speak openly about the issue.
Opposing employee unionization is anti-democratic behavior, and is offensive in any industry.
Private-sector industries with high unionization rates included transportation and utilities (21.
But unionization is another step in legitimizing California's medical marijuana industry.
employment and outsourcing have had uncertain effects on unionization.
The education minister, Ibrahim Badran, sparked a row when he told the teachers that before demanding unionization, they should "tidy themselves up a bit and shave their beards.
Employers currently are allowed to require workers to listen to how unionization would impact the company from the employer's perspective including the company's long-term financial sustainability under unionization.