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a worker who belongs to a trade union

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83 km from Khartoum to prevent a planned demonstration against the rising prices organized by the opposition Unionists Alliance.
Year the Communities was set up In its statement, the Loyalist Communities Council "urges every unionist and loyalist voter to ensure e s st re they turnout and vote for unionist candidates in the forthcoming general election".
The National Congress also toped the list of parties candidates for State Council by 1093 against 62 votes for Democratic Unionist Party-the origin- and 10 votes for the Registered Democratic Unionist Party.
Of course, these policies posed a particular threat to the party of the church, the farmer and the businessman - the Conservatives - and were, as a result, a significant stumbling block in the unionist alliance.
These Unionist politicians, as usual want it both ways - Welsh when they want our votes, but they shrug their Unionist shoulders when told to "sit" by their party's bosses, and to forget Wales.
The East Belfast MP said the vision of hardline unionist Jim Allister, of politics free from Sinn Fein, would be a step backwards.
The SCC records offer opportunities for further, comparative state and county studies of unionist attitudes and activities, as well as the Confederate response to them.
Since the weapons disposal was not publicly documented, anti-Catholic Democratic Unionist leader Rev.
The strength of political division was reflected directly in the November 2003 Assembly election, when the Democratic Unionist Party (hereafter DUP) and Sinn Fein emerged as the two largest political parties in the Northern Ireland Assembly.
A REBEL unionist MP yesterday put the final nail in the coffin of the Good Friday Agreement.
If this conventional wisdom applies in Northern Ireland, it is bad news for the Ulster Unionist Party.
ULSTER Unionist negotiators got absolutely nothing from the IRA in recent talks to revive the peace process,it was claimed yesterday.
Hardline unionists claim a second postponement of the election would be purely to try to save moderate Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble's skin.
ULSTER unionist leader David Trimble has claimed the IRA had been stopped in its tracks.
THE Ulster Unionist Party has all but conceded the battle for Northern Ireland to remain in the United Kingdom, rivals claimed yesterday.