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act of forming labor unions

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Harre said the campaign would be successful, if the voices of nurses and caregivers were heard, and if unionisation improved.
And, in a particularly original judicial guerrilla endeavour to stall the unionisation process, management asked for a court order to dismiss the Labour Commissioner, Andre Bussiere, as being "partial.
During a visit in Montreal in March, Bertil Jonsson, the president of a major Swedish union, explained that in Sweden, over 70 per cent of all McDonald's are unionised and that the overall unionisation rate in his country was 80 per cent.
The National Mediation Board, which counted the ballots, said that there were 5,609 votes in favour of unionisation out of 19,033 eligible votes.
Following the South Korean government's approval of unionisation for pilots with Korean Air Lines, the pilots of Asiana Airline Co Ltd have now started demanding the same right.