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an undergarment with shirt and drawers in one piece

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Underneath it all went a red, wool union suit I had once worn when attending a Halloween party dressed as a sow pig.
In 1992, after the Robert Alton Harris execution triggered an American Civil Liberties Union suit claiming that death in the gas chamber was unduly harsh - and therefore unconstitutionally cruel - Wilson signed legislation that allowed for executions by either lethal gas or lethal injection.
The items being recalled include two styles of a union suit, a receiving blanket and two styles of a terry-cloth hooded towel.
The union suits -- a one-piece, long-sleeved, long-legged knit garment with snaps down the front -- come in two designs: one with a giraffe decal on the left chest in yellow, pink or blue striped fabric, and the other with a cow decal on the left chest in yellow, blue, or pink checked fabric.
Before then, men wore long johns or union suits - an all-in-one with long sleeves and long legs.
The blended fabric made these union suits more comfortable than the notoriously itchy all-wool variety Americans living in cold climates commonly wore.
Between the wars, the company had expanded production beyond multiple styles of union suits to include a range of fashionable women's body-shaping garments and hosiery.
The author covers hats to ward off rain and glare, union suits, infant dress, parasols, gloves, hairstyles, and Southwestern Indian feathers and buckskin.
In November 2000, Hanes Baby recalled two union suits, a receiving blanket and a hooded towel and washcloth set, all of which were decorated with puffed decals that the company found had the potential to flake after washings.
In 1886, PremiumWear created and began manufacturing union suits.
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