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Sardar Awais Leghari informed the Union representatives that directions have been passed to lift ban on necessary recruitment in the distribution companies (DISCOs).
Union representatives had said that the employees, who pull 12-hour shifts on a 24-hour basis seven days per week, had submitted the request for a collective agreement ten months ago.
But union representatives told the Telegraph on Tuesday that they were prepared to continue the strike as long as possible.
At that point trade union representatives insisted that the plant was being pushed into bankruptcy.
As the union representative I am in constant contact with the bus drivers at Stagecoach North East, and have had conversations with the drivers involved in these accidents.
According to staff union representative Sylvain Alias, the offers were neither satisfactory on a financial basis nor from an employee perspective.
The case law on this matter has recently been extended and clarified in a case in the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia called Vong v Sika Australia Pty Ltd [2010] FMCA, where the court found an employee had the right to be represented by a union representative during disciplinary proceedings.
Just like fellow trade union representatives within the teaching professions being a "ground floor" union rep isn't an easy task by any means but if you do your job properly you'll be rewarded by the loyalty of the members you represent in the workplace and appreciated by management for often helping to defuse a situation which might ultimately result in industrial action being taken because all other avenues of negotiation have failed.
The MNA Local Unit representative had explained to Alice one of the most important aspects of being represented by a union: is the right to have a union representative present at investigatory meetings.
The rule may help avoid a union representative attempting to enter a workplace unannounced.
Oftentimes, the union representative knows more about the business than management.
Union representative John Maguire said: "If this isn't sorted out, we plan to take these protests all round Ireland.
When a worker has a complaint about the way that they are being treated in the workplace it is the trade union representative that they turn to in order to make their case.
Michael Burks, that he could have a union representative accompany him, but not one who was an attorney.
A union representative says the union has not authorized any work action.
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