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At that point trade union representatives insisted that the plant was being pushed into bankruptcy.
He cited Kay Becker, union representative for her hard professional and work attitude during negotiations.
As the union representative I am in constant contact with the bus drivers at Stagecoach North East, and have had conversations with the drivers involved in these accidents.
The case law on this matter has recently been extended and clarified in a case in the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia called Vong v Sika Australia Pty Ltd [2010] FMCA, where the court found an employee had the right to be represented by a union representative during disciplinary proceedings.
Just like fellow trade union representatives within the teaching professions being a "ground floor" union rep isn't an easy task by any means but if you do your job properly you'll be rewarded by the loyalty of the members you represent in the workplace and appreciated by management for often helping to defuse a situation which might ultimately result in industrial action being taken because all other avenues of negotiation have failed.
These local union representatives, unlike council appointed representatives, are appointed by their members and democratically elected in a majority vote by all their union branch members.
The MNA Local Unit representative had explained to Alice one of the most important aspects of being represented by a union: is the right to have a union representative present at investigatory meetings.
Union representatives travelled to New York for talks with Ford bosses last week but no settlement was reached.
It is the trade union representative that sits with the employer to negotiate improvements on a range of working conditions to the satisfaction of employers and workers.
The Appeals Court ruled that "when an employee makes a valid request for union representation at such an interview, the employer has three options: grant the request, discontinue the interview, or offer the employee a choice between continuing the interview unaccompanied by a union representative or having no interview at all.
We try to explain to them prior [to negotiating] that it's a different process," says Joseph, the Ohio union representative.
They are also angry about the suspension of their school's union representative.
The court held that the officer received adequate pre-termination due process when he met with a supervisor and union representative, excessive court charges were read in his presence and he was given a brief opportunity to speak on his behalf.
Debby Murphy, a Rockette for twelve years and a union representative notes, "We are an American icon.
Writes Rosenfeld: "In [one case], during the course of contract negotiations, a union representative grabbed his crotch and said, 'Suck my dick you bitch.
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