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Synonyms for uninvolved

lacking interest in one's surroundings or worldly affairs

not inclining toward or actively taking either side in a matter under dispute

Synonyms for uninvolved

not involved


showing lack of emotional involvement

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Histologically, there is usually a single mass, which is most often composed of chief cells that are surrounded by an uninvolved or atrophic rim of parathyroid tissue (figure 1), with or without a separating fibrous connective tissue capsule.
In view of above references and work done by eminent researchers the author undertook the present research work with the view to further our knowledge about the involvement or the lack of it; in clinically uninvolved skin in leprosy patients.
Muslim's father told AP that he was called early Sunday to collect the body of his son, who he described as innocent and uninvolved in any political activities.
Issachah Savage sang Radames with a gleaming tenor, but his acting was as uninvolved as his Aida's.
In addition, potential dermal loads of uninvolved third parties (eg, pedestrians, residents) are to be determined.
The factions called for working with the relevant authorities to restore electricity, water, communications and other utilities and services in the camps, in addition to settling the status of gunmen who wish to leave the camps and releasing detainees who were proven to be uninvolved in the events.
I think our thoughts and prayers should be with person involved last night not with trying to vindicate a venue completely uninvolved.
CCT and IOP values were compared between involved, uninvolved and control group eyes.
According to B'Tselem, the report challenges the common perception in the Israeli public and media that the operation was "surgical" and caused practically no fatalities among uninvolved Palestinian civilians.
In the long run, cyber-warfare is where all parties lose: attackers, victims and even uninvolved observers.
An initial death toll that counted 13 militants as dead was revised down to eight after five of those killed were identified as uninvolved civilians.
However, we do not expect instant positive effect on share quotes, as the producer will indirectly gain access to Biomed products via the Cyprus-based company and Pharmstandard will probably be uninvolved in the production process.
ISLAMABAD -- A session of parliamentary committee aimed at reaching consensus on new terms of engagement with the United States ended in futility again, on Monday, after major political parties remained uninvolved.
The newspaper concluded that when a rocket is fired into a built-up and densely populated area, a 10-meter deflection can wreak destruction and kill uninvolved people.
The present study examined attachment styles (secure, avoidant and anxious/ambivalent) that differentiated bullies, victims, bully/victims and uninvolved adolescents.