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not shrinking from danger

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Sadly, the excitement of Unintimidated does not extend to its policy prescriptions.
But although some South Sudanese government leaders feel irritated to see some of us who are civil servants stating our opinions publicly, still we remain unintimidated to revere the rule of the highest law in the country that allows the practice of the bill of rights by each and every citizen regardless of who employs him or her.
Unintimidated, he arrived at the wooden truck, heated by a travelling stove, which Charles used as his headquarters.
In Sierra Leone, RUF fighters were unintimidated by the light APCs of the UN force and even seized them from peacekeeping forces and repainted them for their own use.
But their programme here was extraordinary, brilliantly constructed, emotionally satisfying, and at the same time spectacularly cerebral - and the unintimidated audience loved it.
The family's ability to manipulate the law, fashion officials into malleable tools, overstep each barrier to their mobility, and be generally unintimidated by 'ironclad' systems mock both apartheid and 21st century American justice.
11) Lincoln, unintimidated, reviewed the record of each case and commuted the sentences of all but thirty-eight of the condemned.
Indeed, the emphasis on personal experience revealed a group of respondents with distinctively unintimidated attitudes toward the Church and who felt more secure in their dissent and less compelled to claim confidence in the Church's teachings.
Troughton showed great responsibility while the debutant was unintimidated by a clutch of close-fielders as the fifth-wicket pair knuckled down.
It is Deliwe, a woman who is as unintimidated by the colonial policemen as by the sophisticated (black) male customers in her shebeen, that initially opens Phephelaphi's eyes to a different way of being a black woman within colonial modernity.
He exhibited this greatly by coming into our classroom unintimidated and eager to answer questions.
Their houses were free of battle damage, and they had left an unintimidated caretaker to look after things until their return.
Sitting atop the Natural Bridge turnout sign, a pair of ravens appear unintimidated by the weather.
Have you become, as one of my sons conjectures, like suburban squirrels, perfectly at ease with and unintimidated by the two-legged species?
and because the black girl was so big and so black, so unintimidated, --"The Change," Tony Hoagland The nurse was big and black and really pissed at me, the only kid on the burn ward.