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Synonyms for uninterested

Synonyms for uninterested

Antonyms for uninterested

not having or showing interest


having no care or interest in knowing

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Speaking to the Social Market Foundation think-tank, Ms Malhotra said that keeping on top of the cost and value of reliefs was "an issue of good governance (and) proper stewardship of the nation's resources", but the Chancellor seemed "remarkably uninterested in what they cost and whether they work".
Yet Pietersen said: "The suggestion that I was uninterested during the winter Ashes series against Australia is wholly untrue.
According to him, IMF is uninterested in what way the 2013 budget was adopted and it does not get into the accuracy of the data that are released by the Government.
BDI is uninterested in early parliamentary elections and leader Ali Ahmeti and his party will make an effort to find a solution to the political crisis through dialogue.
There have been times during this series when they have simply looked uninterested.
Often they can look a little uninterested in the field.
Like The Wire, Lush Life is largely uninterested in good and evil, even guilt and innocence - it's more about using a crime as a scalpel with which to anatomise a modern city, its mechanisms, morals and mistakes.
Murray looked uninterested as he lost to Yen-Hsun Lu in straight sets and Skybet's 11-1 that he wins gold in the doubles with brother Jamie makes no appeal.
In most instances, the teachers in these schools will be doing their best, but fighting hard against the brick wall of uninterested parents who couldn't give a damn about education or the future well-being of their children, content in the knowledge that, if they are unemployable, the state will look after them.
I suppose this is because you are catering to readers who are "young" and therefore assumed to be uninterested in classical music.
Dear Editor, As a follow-up to your headline on March 19, which read "Whitby: library WILL go", I wrote to you querying whether he was "totally uninterested in what Birmingham citizens think".
More than one third feel bosses do no care about the work/life balance of staff and are uninterested in employees who have problems at work.
It is nonsense for Mr Browne to imply that British workers are somehow uninterested in work.
For example, confusing the definitions of two practical adjectives such as disinterested (not having a bias as one would expect of a judge or umpire) and uninterested (frankly, you don't give a damn) is not good because if disinterested is used for uninterested, a helpful expression is lost.