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not deliberate


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We know that more than anything else, women facing unintended pregnancy need emotional support and medical care during the time they spend deciding what they want to do.
UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE--You encourage the prospect to evaluate you on the one thing that makes you just like everyone else.
In addition to documenting the proportions of pregnancies that are unintended across regions, the study examined recent trends in unintended pregnancy rates per 1000 women of reproductive age.
29-32) However, individuals on antiretroviral therapy still have high rates of unintended pregnancy.
A US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report of unintended acceleration found Toyota was not to blame, but NASA investigators claimed the federal report whitewashed their actual findings.
It said the vehicles will be equipped with a break override system to "reduce the risk of sudden unintended acceleration without the ability to stop or control it.
Unintended pregnancy was classified as both mistimed and unwanted pregnancies.
But when two Australian DJs played a childish and tasteless prank on the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge was a patient, they could not have known how awful the unintended consequence would be.
Increasing women's access to Long-Acting, Reversible Contraceptives (LARC) has helped reduce both unintended pregnancies and abortions in Iowa, according to a preliminary independent analysis commissioned by the Iowa Initiative to Reduce Unintended Pregnancies.
Whilst this was dreadful for anyone directly affected, the unintended consequence for those workers who remained became known as 'survivor syndrome'.
Long-acting contraceptive methods--intrauterine devices and subdermal implants--were superior to oral contraceptives, transdermal patches, and vaginal rings in preventing unintended pregnancies, results from a prospective study of more than 7,000 at-risk women show.
Intrauterine devices and implants appear to be more effective than commonly prescribed contraceptive methods such as the pill, hormone patch and ring at preventing unintended pregnancy, especially among younger sexually active women.
2 percent of all cases resulted in an unintended injury related to healthcare management and not the original ailment being treated.
The vast majority of unintended pregnancies in the country are mistimed (occurred too soon) rather than unwanted (occurred after the woman had reached her desired family size) - 87% vs.
New research from the Brookings Institution found unintended pregnancies also have a serious economic impact, and that Americans pay a steep price when access to contraception and abortion services are limited.