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in an unintelligent manner

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113) Courts have found that guilty pleas could be entered unintelligently in situations where prosecutors withheld material evidence because the suppression prevents defendants from properly appraising their case.
The reason it turned out horrifically and ineffectively last year was, first, that some in the flotilla did not come in peace and, second, that Israel unintelligently, perhaps provocatively put young soldiers in a position where they were compelled to act in self-defense, causing the tragic deaths of nine aboard the Mavi Marmara.
And like it or not there are people actively betting that your company, or a collection of your peer companies, are thinking unintelligently about managing the volatility inherent in your business.
It is arguable that it presents AS Christianity in its least charitable, most unintelligently minatory aspect" (358).
Villaraigosa's plan of spending $168 millions into youth and anti-gang activity seems aggressive enough, but obviously unintelligently planned.
produced by agency officials zealously but unintelligently pursing their
O'Neil: It's a little frustrating when people spout off unintelligently.
As reported in the Los Angeles Times, the general, an evangelical Christian toiling at the Pentagon as the deputy undersecretary for intelligence, unintelligently told a Florida audience that a Muslim Somali warlord was captured because "I know my God is bigger than his.
It continually churns out 50-plus pages of deep-dyed opposition to lust about everything that makes our country and the free world desirable to live in, but does so not often unintelligently and quite often in the high-powered writing of people like George Grant, Gad Horowitz, C.
1) It may be estimated that over ninety per cent of The Australian's journalists are pro-Labor, and generally unintelligently and immoderately so.
It should be, to the degree that federal action restricts choice or directs it unintelligently or arbitrarily.