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Synonyms for unintelligent

Synonyms for unintelligent

displaying a complete lack of forethought and good sense

Synonyms for unintelligent

lacking intelligence


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Yes, Skopje 2014 is a message, an attempt to inspire fear and awe, downright arrogance and loss of control, twisted indulgence in an unintelligent perception of what is beautiful, uncurbed spending of money on kitsch seen as splendor, a shame and an insult.
Sheldon Cooper, one of the most lovable and obnoxious characters to recently conquer television, will be getting his own TV show focusing on his childhood as a 9-year-old boy genius in an unintelligent high school world.
Imagine having an unintelligent, racist, sexist, orange sexual predator as president.
It looks at the most common stereotypical character types, like African Americans as indolent, unintelligent, or comical, as Sambos or Mammies, or as oddly speaking or dressing; Latinos as lazy or thieves, bandits, urban thugs, or law-breaking border-crossers; Latinas as sexual; Native Americans as drunken or noble savages, assimilated, or fierce warriors; and Asians as evil or demonic, wily or sinister, or possessing mystical powers.
It is, of course, somewhat unintelligent to expect someone who protests innocence to apologise for something he says he has not done" - Ann Widdecombe, former Tory MP on rapist footballer Ched Evans.
It is not just the British who recognise this but it is only the British who are minded to try to do something about it" Journalist and former civil servant Sir Bernard Ingham "It is of course somewhat unintelligent to expect someone who protests innocence to apologise for something he says he has not done" Ann Widdecombe, former Tory MP on rapist footballer Ched Evans "I just need to get the dog on next" Actress Pauline Quirke, who works with her son and husband on Birds of a Feather
Henry Lin said they consider industrial pollution as a sign of intelligent life, but perhaps civilizations more advanced than them, with their own SETI programs, will consider pollution as a sign of unintelligent life since it's not smart to contaminate your own air.
Because of the smell, people think it is unattractive and therefore decide it is unintelligent, because intelligence correlates with attractiveness.
Traditionally, students diagnosed with ADHD were often told they were lazy and unintelligent.
The true face of UKIP is of a bunch of attention-seeking, loutish, unintelligent buffoons whose opinions teeter on the edge of racism, xenophobia and sexism.
SURELY no one should be surprised by another "heroic" and "defiant" NO from these irresponsible, retarded, corrupt, populist imbeciles who also happen to be the ELECTED representatives of an equally unintelligent and immature electorate?
Raje had earlier said that the state got a raw deal in the MoU with the public sector Hindustan Petroleum Company Limited ( HPCL) while the metro project was economically unintelligent in view of the heavy burden on the public exchequer.
Not all Americans are unintelligent, ignorant & racist.
Lord Williams, a former Archbishop of Wales added: "That is an aspect, I think, of the short-term, unimaginative, emotionally unintelligent climate that sometimes we seem forced to inhabit.
LAST week, for the umpteenth time, results of another so-called national poll was aired on ITV that said people with a Scouse accent are unfriendly, unintelligent and untrustworthy.