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failing to instruct

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Therefore, when a public university retaliates against a professor for a particular instance of expression, the professor waves the banner of academic freedom futilely to courts that prefer to cling to familiar, well-worn public employee speech principles rather than to attempt a sensible application of emphatic but uninstructive dicta.
It's not difficult to demonstrate the medium's uninstructive nature.
kalmu[check{s}]-: Far too many routine and uninstructive examples are cited.
It is thus operating with a concept of rationality that, whatever its constitutional merits, is uninstructive to those of us interested in the question about democratic theory that I posed at the outset: What sorts of reasons do we owe our fellow citizens when we propose to encumber their liberty?
With our assumed form of density dependence, there is only a single equilibrium given by the (positive) root of a cumbersome, and uninstructive, quadratic equation.
A comparison with Beckett is not uninstructive, for many of Beckett's stage-directions are strictly for textual consumption: 'Smile on .
The reporter who thrusts a microphone into the face of a suffering victim and asks her how she feels is a villain in journalism ethics courses across the land whose flagrancy ranks with other uninstructive examples, such as the photographer who makes pictures rather than dousing the self-ignited protester or the sensation-mongers who hounded O.
The text consists of nothing but rather overblown figure captions, of which the following is a particularly uninstructive example:
The majority opinion's pithy but uninstructive "analysis" is that "the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment" is "as much a part of the Bill of Rights as the First Amendment of Fourth Amendment.
The difficulty is that Ball's proposed analytical technique is in certain respects uninstructive.
Even the concluding, and outwardly critical papers on "Intertemporal General Equilibrium," one by Radner, the other by Duffie, are curiously stale and uninstructive.
But, of course, when the author is Newman, "ordinary" is by no means dull, mediocre, or uninstructive.