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not injured physically or mentally

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One person was in the address at the time but escaped uninjured and were treated by paramedics at the scene as a precaution.
Despite being uninjured, the victims were left badly shaken.
McGregor, despite the loss, left UFC 196 uninjured and was not slapped with a medical ban.
He passed a breath test and was uninjured but shaken.
Significant differences in posttest anterior posterior and overall static and front and front right dynamic stability between injured and uninjured players were noted.
The uninjured animal has been adopted, but authorities are still trying to find Willow a new home, Riley said.
They found that uninjured children whose parents were seriously hurt were twice as likely to experience PTSD symptoms months later as those whose parents were uninjured.
Warren Gatland includes injured Lions star Jonathan Davies in Wales Six Nations squad CAN someone please explain to me the benefit in selecting a number of players who are injured BUT might be UNinjured at some point.
The driver was uninjured and was helping gardai with their enquiries.
Of the 104 injured and uninjured victims who returned a survey sent to all known survivors between 2005 and '07, both groups reported an abnormally low general quality of life.
Summary: Police say the first thing to do is to make sure people in your vehicle are uninjured, and if anyone is hurt and requires an ambulance, dial 999 and an operator will assist.
Police said he then ran out of the shop with a four-figure sum of money, leaving the assistants uninjured but "very distressed".
Country music singer Sammy Kershaw and his nine band members were uninjured when their tour bus got into a high-speed accident in Texas.
Despite the pallet smashing through the windscreen, remarkably the driver was uninjured.
Summary: Lindsay Lohan emerged uninjured after a collision with a dump truck on a coastal highway near Los Angeles on Friday.