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lacking information

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The refinement has immediate implications for whether informative or uninformative equilibria subsist.
When dealing with water main breaks or gas plumbing repair, there is no time to sort through piles of search engine results or deal with uninformative Web sites.
Just as it's uninformative to say that a person who is alone on a planet is the tallest, the concept of personal responsibility has no meaning if there are no other people to be responsible to.
However, surprisingly the uninformative sound, the one that travelled leftward both with the leftward-moving dots and also when the dots moved randomly, helped people correctly perceive when the dots were moving from one side to the other.
We find evidence that the information content of FOMC statement has an asymmetric impact on the conditional mean and volatility of asset prices, with informative statements dominating uninformative statements.
Or what about those who display the same uninformative advertising message through radio, television, newspapers, magazines and YouTube?
The legislation is an important defence against terrorism on this backdoor route into Britain: yet incomplete and uninformative manifests make it difficult for police to run advance checks on passengers.
Wu, who characteristically is avoiding public appearances, issued an uninformative one-sentence statement: "This is very serious, and I have absolutely no desire to bring unwanted publicity, attention or stress to a young woman and her family.
Not only was it infuriating, painstakingly long and highly uninformative, it was disastrously expensive.
However, when judged - as he should be - by the standards of his day not ours, as a nationally important figure of interest to British and American visitors alike, there should be more in Liverpool to commemorate him than the uninformative World Heritage plaque in Fenwick Street.
But after uninformative Ant glibly announces that The Hoff "is away on a prior engagement" (doing what, for God's sake?
An extensive simulation study is conducted to highlight some interesting properties of the Bayes estimates of the proposed Burr mixture assuming conjugate and uninformative priors.
Bayes Estimates Assuming Uninformative Priors: The uniform prior is the most famous example of uninformative prior which materialize the use of Bayesian estimation methods when no formal prior information is available.
Second, no matter how much NCES might advise to the contrary, researchers are likely to attempt what is likely to be invalid or uninformative inference on the basis of continuation cases alone.