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Synonyms for uninfluenced

not influenced or affected

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Come out here and speak to me," repeated the Count, still perfectly uninfluenced by the rudest speech that his friend could make to him.
He was a firm, unbending, intensely orderly man, in root and stem a banker, but with a flourishing graft of the active landholder, aspiring to county influence: one of those people who are always like themselves from day to day, who are uninfluenced by the weather, and neither know melancholy nor high spirits.
the case be decided upon evidence presented before the court and the determination of such facts should be uninfluenced by bias, prejudice and sympathies.
It is high time the 'mature' adults draw inspiration from the children brigade who apply their God-awarded intellect and common sense in all matters under the sun as their eyes, ears and minds are open and transparent, embracing all winds of logic and uninfluenced by manufactured 'stories' implanted by a section of the media, vested interests and 'mainstream' thought.
It further said that even the worst critics of PDP concede that the judgment of the Supreme Court, was unprejudiced, uninfluenced and determined completely on merit, for which it was applauded in Nigeria and across the world.
To decide and implement uninfluenced policies is perhaps the barometer of the exercise of political authority.
Our region could not remain uninfluenced from this restlessness, the effects of which can be seen beyond our boundaries as well as within our frontiers, he added.
Bare-shaft tuning is the best way to see if, when uninfluenced by the vanes, your bow is properly tuned.
Groundwater sampling stations are to be considered as largely anthropogenic Uninfluenced, ie the dynamics of the natural groundwater level should be investigated.
Lewis "deserves all the protections our laws provides: the presumption of innocence, unbiased and uninfluenced due process, and a meaningful opportunity to fight any and all charges," the statement said.
Whenever two or more individuals come together, there is no such thing as unrestrained, unobstructed, or uninfluenced manner of behavior.
Trying too hard to leave the serene symphony untouched the same way it was, the same way it is, the same way it will always be, uninfluenced, fossil-like preserved in amber, missing out on all the faceless prospects out there.
The most important aspect for all businesses is to provide confidence and reassurance to the client that the service provided is of the highest quality and uninfluenced by bad practice.
Reportedly, this programme is being carried out in accordance with the European Commission's ordinance (EC) No 2273/2003 of 22nd December 2003 (the EC ordinance) and will be managed by a securities company or credit institution that makes its trading decisions regarding Intrum Justitia's shares independently and uninfluenced by Intrum Justitia.