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not converted to industrialism

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Living in a small, unindustrialized town like Orocovis for decades had its advantages and delights.
As David Koester, who has written about one of the indigenous peoples of Kamchatka, the Itelmen, has said: "Kamchatka, in the Russian Far East, is both blessed with large areas of relatively pristine wilderness and unindustrialized landscape and cursed by the political ambiguities and economic complexities of attempting to manage that territory".
Uniform pricing will adversely affect both consumers in traditionally low price countries (such as those in unindustrialized countries where manufacturers are currently altruistically inclined to reduce prices to increase access) as well as those in traditionally high price countries.
veronii biotype sobria was the Aeromonas species most frequently implicated as a cause of traveler's diarrhea in Japanese travelers returning from unindustrialized countries.
The project will require the construction of 95 kilometers of new roads and 80 kilometers of transmission lines, greatly accelerating the fragmentation of habitat in this unindustrialized region.
Learning to feel OK about drinking coffee led me long ago to the best source for non-local treats: the Fair Trade movement, which connects producers in unindustrialized countries directly to consumers in the industrialized world.
The benefits of economic expansion have yet to trickle down to unindustrialized regions of the country, but purchasing power is up in industrial cities of the east and south.
For example, Lake Superior is the largest lake and is relatively unindustrialized.
Yet the `millennialism' of Erbakan and his followers is best described as "a particular phenomenon within unindustrialized communities to indicate the expectation of the sudden coming of a period of plenty" (230).
Under the industrial-age approach to development financing, transglobal institutions such as the World Bank lent money to build power plants, mining ventures, and other large-scale government projects in unindustrialized nations.
If social welfare is not collectively provided in the industrialized villages, village households can afford to buy their own welfare and security, whereas in unindustrialized villages adequate provision cannot be made either collectively or individually.
The rural south was largely unindustrialized before the 1960s, but several factors led industry to tap the region's resources.
By extension, this implies an increasing tendency to switch production and investment away from the advanced industrial countries to the unindustrialized or newly industrialized ones.
The satellite data indicate that ozone over broad regions of unindustrialized West Africa reaches levels comparable to those over the heavily industrialized eastern United States, says Jack Fishman of NASA Langley.
In the meantime, the Philippines remains unindustrialized, and still importing things as simple as ping pong balls, needles and iron ladles.