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not organized and maintained as a legal corporation

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20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Madison County is working to become the first county in Mississippi to bring C Spire's next-generation, lightning fast Fiber to the Home broadband Internet access and related services to residents in some of its unincorporated areas.
8 percent growth from 2000 to 2012, which accounts for all self-employment growth from 2000 and 2012 as unincorporated employment decreased by 6.
For the first six months of 2011, lack of construction accounted for a decline in taxable revenue of $650,000 in Cashmere, $978,000 in Chelan, $2,742,000 in Leavenworth, $23,242,000 in Wenatchee and $600,000 in the unincorporated county.
It said that anyone depositing money with such unincorporated bodies as M/s Forex Achievements, would be doing so at their own risk.
Antoinette Christovale, director of the Los Angeles City Office of Finance, said the city, under its municipal code, can tax businesses located in unincorporated county communities that are engaged in business in the city.
This study further explores small business owners' credit card use by comparing the proportions of incorporated and unincorporated business owners with credit card debt.
1, 2003, A is organized in a state as an unincorporated entity classified as a partnership for Federal tax purposes.
Key words: rural-urban fringe, British Columbia, unincorporated areas, development, planning, local government.
The Internal Revenue Service's taxpayer advocate is urging Congress to simplify tax rules for married couples who jointly own an unincorporated business.
The deduction of business-related interest generally has not been a problem for unincorporated sole proprietorships.
Items such as income taxes, commercial rent and occupancy tax, unincorporated business tax and certain hotel taxes are only granted to New York City.
A low rate flat tax would be imposed on the gross profit of each incorporated and unincorporated business.
Tampa's share of the CIT revenue is expected to decline slightly going forward as the county's unincorporated population is projected to grow at a faster rate than that of Tampa.
The county Board of Supervisors collects taxes countywide and provides services based on need, said Martin Zimmerman, assistant administrative officer for the county Office of Unincorporated Area Services and Special Projects.
Research Identifies Key Differences Between Owners of Incorporated and Unincorporated Microbusinesses