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not made more desirable or valuable or profitable


(of land) not cleared of trees and brush

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Notes: the lots have 200~ of frontage to an unimproved dedicated public road and consist of over five acres each.
What you're really trying to do is use your tactical airlift and your strategic airlift for what they're designed for: unimproved runways, roll on/roll off capability, going into harm's way and all that stuff"
The motorway, with all its congestion problems, will remain unimproved.
CLA Cymru is reminding members to pay heed to EIA regulations before ploughing or cultivating unimproved land.
We are practicing suppression missions on fortified coastal settlements of a hypothetical aggressor using naval firepower, landing operations on an unimproved shore, as well as warfare tactics with amphibious assault forces," the statement said.
Spanish Castle Resort developers are hoping a 150-foot bridge spanning what is now an unimproved rural train crossing will put the first phase of the 658-acre planned development in south Douglas County near Crescent Bar in gear.
3]/h, and is particularly suited for use at unimproved sites or where loader mobility is crucial.
Because of their versatility--being able to perform many types of missions while taking off from and landing on unimproved, unpaved dirt runways--C-130s take a beating.
A BLOCKBUSTER week on Corrie as the new unimproved Rovers returned and Norris Cole snarled: "It hasn't exactly been overhauled has it?
Specifically, the rule redefines terms in a provision that requires a credit union to partially occupy unimproved property, with both the "unimproved property" and "partially occupy" definitions receiving additional clarification.
Fourteen percent of patients were rated unimproved.
The ISL series for higher duty cycles handles a variety of load configurations and works well in unimproved terrain environments because of its pivot trunnion, which allows the crane to flex when traveling over uneven terrain without causing structural damage.
The schedule change postponed the second round collection for the southeast region, which now will begin Wednesday for both improved and unimproved streets.
The Minister said: "Lapwings thrive at Maghaberry because of the presence of unimproved species-rich grassland within the prison perimeter.
One of the biggest issues currently threatening UK wildlife is habitat fragmentation, the loss of broadleaf woodland and unimproved grassland - both ideal habitats for bats.