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Synonyms for unimpressionable

not capable of being affected or impressed

Antonyms for unimpressionable

not sensitive or susceptible to impression

References in classic literature ?
At least it would be a face worth seeing: the face of a man who was without bowels of mercy: a face which had but to show itself to raise up, in the mind of the unimpressionable Enfield, a spirit of enduring hatred.
You are a very impressionable woman; he is a singularly cold, unimpressionable man.
Those sentiments have induced me to offer to the unimpressionable doctor who attends on her my vast knowledge of chemistry, and my luminous experience of the more subtle resources which medical and magnetic science have placed at the disposal of mankind.
Of an audacious, unimpressionable nature, Ackroyd defies, especially in his recent work, the literary dominants and stereotypes of the present, resisting its modish interrogations, more inquisitive of its 'anxieties of influence' than of its post-traumatic syndromes.
He cannot recognise that this phlegmatic and unimpressionable body with which he now goes burthened, is the same that he knew heretofore so quick and delicate and alive" ("OS" 87-88).