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free from emotional appeal

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By contrast, although a comic painter, Hogarth's "pictures are not indifferent, unimpassioned descriptions of human nature, but rich exuberant satires upon it," he never "looks at an object but to find out a moral or a ludicrous effect.
The Mackintosh he prefers to remember, "too indolent for an author; too unimpassioned for an orator" (11:101), partakes much more of the "merely abstracted" than the speaker who unsettled listeners in 1799, a dramatic transformation precipitated, Hazlitt speculates, by an interview with Edmund Burke shortly before the latter's death.
In contrast to Wilkie, Hazlitt sees Hogarth as a comic painter, whose 'pictures are not indifferent, unimpassioned pictures of human nature, but rich exuberant satires upon it.
She inserts into her column excerpts from other journalists' newspaper and magazine articles that note her unimpassioned voice (147) as well as the absence of rhetoric in her speeches (150); thus, she further establishes her objectivity as a traveling eyewitness.
Abraham] Lincoln's Inaugural Address is before our readers--couched in the cool, unimpassioned, deliberate language of the fanatic, with the purpose of pursuing the promptings of fanaticism even to the dismemberment [pulling apart] of the government with the horrors of civil war.
As his aunt and uncle had recounted it, Tuan's parents seemed perfectly content with this arranged love affair, and being so, the unimpassioned nature of this union carried over to their married life where, as Tuan had witnessed it all the years of his life, there was love and sincerity but none of the spirit he saw in his Uncle Dai's marriage with Aunt Loan.
According to James Downey, the eighteenth-century sermon was generally "ethical and rational in its content, disciplined and precise in its language, and unimpassioned in its presentation.
At Nottingham on Wednesday, for example, he arrived for one ride on a lesser accomplished Godolphin runner wearing an unimpassioned countenance that fits him like a baggy suit.
Tariq's older brother, Hani, was assigned the job of running the Islamic center's "internal affairs"--including all financial and banking matters, and private meetings with more less clandestine members of the Brotherhood as well as other influential Muslims--while Tariq, who had developed a definite talent for calm, unimpassioned, seemingly "objective" speech-making, was given the job of spreading the good, reassuring word that Islam was basically a civilized and merciful faith.
91) The impassioned manslaughterer, in other words, is treated as less culpable than the unimpassioned murderer, but he is not relieved entirely of culpability.
He got his degree from Harvard, received his ordination, helped set up a domestic violence shelter in Detroit, then ended up here, in Potawatomie, Michigan, leading a tiny congregation of well-meaning but unimpassioned liberals and doing what he could to keep the good fight alive.
It is hard not to see the bodiless fetes champetres, the conventionalised Venetian scenes and the unimpassioned suggestiveness of the fan designs as anything other than campy and effete.
ii) The state of comfort and being which is unfraught and unimpassioned existence ('Going good
And, because the images in the show are all taken from film stills and other archival material, they seem distanced and unimpassioned, their political content muted.
He urged that the country turn to "reason, cold, calculating, unimpassioned reason" as a means of restraining men of overweening ambition (such as himself) from taking advantage of the slavery question to make a name for themselves.