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not damaged or diminished in any respect

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Such of you as are now dissatisfied, still have the old Constitution unimpaired, and, on the sensitive point, the laws of your own framing under it; while the new administration will have no immediate power, if it would, to change either.
So it would seem; and the curse of it is that I must lie here, conscious, mentally unimpaired, knowing that the lines are going down, breaking bit by bit communication with the world.
Heaven is my witness that go where I may, I shall preserve those feelings unimpaired.
When his meditations had attained this satisfactory point, he became aware of his remaining boot, of which, with unimpaired solemnity he proceeded to divest himself; shaking his head with exceeding gravity all the time, and sighing deeply.
Thus, the balloon can neither ascend or descend, except within very narrow limits, and its resources, either in gas or ballast, remain comparatively unimpaired.
She had been too lately and too roughly mastered by facts to take an easy pleasure in the relief of renunciation; such satisfaction as she felt came only from the discovery that, having renounced everything that made life happy, easy, splendid, individual, there remained a hard reality, unimpaired by one's personal adventures, remote as the stars, unquenchable as they are.
Repressing, with as good a grace as possible, these little familiarities--for which, there is reason to believe, the black bottle was at least as much to blame as any constitutional infirmity on the part of Mrs Sliderskew--he protested that he had only been joking: and, in proof of his unimpaired good- humour, that he was ready to examine the deeds at once, if, by so doing, he could afford any satisfaction or relief of mind to his fair friend.
Under the terms of the Plan Sponsor Agreement and as contemplated in the prepackaged plan of reorganization, all HCR ManorCare employees, creditors, vendors and suppliers, aside from QCP, are expected to be unimpaired by the transaction and paid in the ordinary course when due.
Harrington then criticizes Cumulus for drafting that Disclosure Statement that lacks additional information as to why its plan treats two different classes as unimpaired -- despite the fact that under the plan the legal rights of each class member will be altered.
To qualify, the resulting bank of less than five proponent banks should have a capital adequacy ratio of 12 percent and a combined unimpaired capital of at least P100 million.
The resulting bank must have a capital adequacy ratio (CAR) of 12 percent, as well as a combined unimpaired capital not less than P100 million, the PDIC said.
This should, however, be complimented by a recognition of the equally basic right to exist and to live one's life unimpaired physically and mentally, in short to be free from the fear of violence.
The AS5170 sensors can benefit from stray magnetic field immunity, enabling unimpaired operation even in the presence of strong magnetic fields generated by electric motors, high current-carrying cables and other external devices.
Shareholder's funds, unimpaired by losses, increased by 14.
Meanwhile, the rear windows of the houses would have provided unimpaired views of a bustling River Tyne, busy with ships and industry.